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Autism Links

One of my hobbies is to read sites about autism, especially sites by other autistics. These are a few of the links I've found. I've tried to include notes about the sites. Some of these sites are linked elsewhere on my site; some are not. Note that it was hard to categorize some of these sites under just one category, but I tried to categorize them by their primary purpose.

My Blog

I have created a blog which talks about, mostly, issues related to autism and disability rights. I also maintain a community on LiveJournal that deals with media reports of abuse on autistics.

Individual Autistic Sites

Autistics are the true autism experts. We've lived with autism for our entire lives, something few psychologists can say!

  • Articles by Eugene Marcus
    Eugene is an autistic FC user who talks alot about what it means to be treated with respect and what it means to be a friend.
  • Neral's Website - The Life of an Autistic Adult
    Neral is an autistic adult, who has created a fascinating website about his own life and experiences. Highly recommended!
  • Ballastexistenz
    A blog written by an autistic woman about the right to personhood for disabled people.
  • The Kingdom of Laurentius Rex
    How do I describe Larry's page? I won't even try, other then saying that Larry is both an autistic and a photographer.
  • Jim Sinclair's Web Site
    Jim was one of the earliest on-line autistic advocates. His site includes thought-provoking articles on autism and autism culture issues.
  • Donna William's
    Donna Williams has written several books on what autism is like from the "inside". She talks about (of course!) her autism as well as her artistic side on her web page.

Autistic Pride/Advocacy Pages

Autism isn't a horrible disease. Autistics need to be taught that they have something to give to the world - a uniqueness that will enrich others.

    The purpose of the project is to connect autistic people with the services we need to live whole and happy lives.
  • Aspergia
    A community for Asperger people ("Aspergians"), which uses the metaphor of a lost civilization to explore what Asperger's is like.

Practical Ideas for Autistics

These sites provide practical ideas that may help individuals with autistic weaknesses.

  • Autism Spectrum Pages on Seattle Community Network
    In addition to the first-person insight on these pages in the form of poems, there are also some possible suggestions for handling dating.
  • pVoice
    Open-source software for augmentative communication, designed primarily for people with physical disabilities.

Diagnosis & Evidences

There is no 100% accurate test for autism. In fact, there is no single test which all autistics fail or pass. But, if used with caution, some of these sites can help someone figure out if they fit on the spectrum. If you have more of these criteria then the average person, then you may be one of us...

  • Online AQ (Autism-Spectrum Quotient) Test
    Simon Baron-Cohen, a Cambridge psychologist, has designed a test which can indicate the possibility of autism in some adults. However, non-autistics can get a score within the "autism" range and autistics can get a score within the "neurotypical" range, so it isn't suitable for diagnosis.

About Autism

These sites are for people that want to learn more about autism.

  • Linkpage
    Another list of autism-related links, contributed by the members of the Usenet group.
    A huge collection of links about autism and related topics.
  • The World I Want to Live In
    Autistics often face pressure and depression as a result of who they are. This world can be a very difficult place for an autistic to live.
  • Autism? What is it?
    If you have any questions about what autism is, and desire some background information, this site contains both information and web links about autism and the related disorders.
  • My Coding Just Flies
    This Computerworld article details autism in one specific field - computer programming. Many autistics, including myself, are able to program using creative techniques to solve difficult business problems.

Non-Autistic but Relevant

These sites discuss other things related to autism or commonly found with autism.

  • Executive Dysfunction
    Almost all autistics have significant problems with organizing their time, establishing routines, and planning complex tasks. In many cases, the problems interfere with what neurotypicals consider to be "easy" tasks, such as cooking, bathing, and cleaning.
  • Raven Days
    A site that is devoted to the issue of "bullying" and other forms of abuse commonly experienced by autistic children.
  • Face Blind!
    An on-line book that explores prosopagnosia, written by a non-autistic with prosopagnosia.
  • Prosopagnosia (Face Blindness)
    A website by Cecilia Burman about face-blindness and what it is like. Includes some non-scientific on-line tests for faceblindness and related conditions.

Violence Against Disabled Persons

Many disabled people face the prospect of violence during their lifetimes greater than that experienced by non-disabled people.

  • Summary Report on Violence against Disabled Children
    A UNICEF report, which opens with: "Children who live with a physical, sensory, intellectual or mental health disability are among the most stigmatized and marginalize of all the world's children. While all children are at risk of being victims of violence, disabled children find themselves at significantly increased risk because of stigma, negative traditional beliefs and ignorance. Lack of social support, limited opportunities for education, employment or participation in the community further isolates disabled children and their families, leading to increased levels of stress and hardship. Disabled children are also often targeted by abusers, who see them as easy victims."