about Kurt Cobain...

This portion of my web page is to tell everyone what I believe really happened in April of 1994, that resulted in the tragic death of Kurt Cobain...

April 8, 1994: Seattle police department recieve a phone call from an electrician doing work on 171 Lake Washington Blvd. He tells them that there is a dead body on the upper floor of the garage, and that he believes it to be the body of Kurt Cobain.

Seattle police arrive at 171 Lake Washington Blvd. to find the lifeless body of Kurt Cobain. (FACT:In Seattle there is a very low amount of muders, but a very high suicide rate. This is believed to be true because it always rains in Seattle, and that has a tendecy of making people very depressed) They find that he died from a shotgun blast to the head, and automatically "assume" it is suicide. ...Case closed, no investigation, end of story...right? Wrong!

First off...Kurt Cobain was 5' 7" tall. He was killed by a 20 gauge shotgun. With Kurt only being 5' 7" tall the only way he could've shot himself would be if he used the big toe of his foot to pull the triger. Which would be possible but...he had his shoes on, they weren't tied but they were on. So there is no possible way that he could've shot himself. I consider this muder evidence #1.

Second...Yes it is true that Kurt Cobain was addicted to heroin. When his body was found there was heroin in the room. Kurt had injected three times the lethal amount of heroin, which is enough to kill someone three times over, and they would pass out in within 15-20 seconds. I agree with Private Investigator Tom Grant, the investigator that was hired by Courtney Love to find Kurt when he ran away from the rehab he was in. I agree that someone else was in that room with Kurt, and they were doing heroin together. Kurt got to the point where he didn't want anymore heroin. The person that was with him continued to inject heroin into him, after he was refusing it. Then when he was passed out they shoot him and set it up like a suicide. It was impossible for Kurt Cobain to have took that much heroin, so this would be the only way he could've took that much. I consider this murder evidence #2.

But who would want Kurt dead? I mean he was the biggest rock legend at the time, he had beautiful music, and he really didn't have to many enemies. (Except for Eddie Vedder, Axl Rose, Greatful Dead, and Vanity Fair Magazine) So who would have the guts to kill him like that?

OK here it is, this is what really happened... Kurt thinks he can't write anymore. He's disgusted with Chris and Dave. So he decides to leave Nirvana, make the band break-up. But why would Chris or Dave want Kurt dead? Since Kurt does almost all the songwriting, and he's the lead singer, they would not profit in anyway from Kurt's death. So who else? Want to know some more? Not only was the band over, but he was also going through divorce procedures. He had the papers ready and everything, all that had to be done was for Kurt and Courtney to sign it. You know how famous celebraties can just vanish off of the face of the Earth without a trace, not to be bothered by the media or unwanted past. Well thats exactly what Kurt was going to do. He was going to take Frances and his MONEY, and just disappear. So who had a problem with that?

...Cortney did!
I believe that Courtney new what Kurt had planned. She didn't want to lose Frances or the money. Why the money? It couldn't have been too much money, could it? Well it was, 2 MILLION DOLLARS! And that was just in insurance, you have to also imagine all the money that Kurt had in the bank. She would be rich off of all that, and she wouldn't have to lose Frances either. But I don't think she could go and kill Kurt by herself, atleast not without getting caught.

I think thats when she found "The Note". (Please read what I have under "The Note" or you will not understand the rest of this page) So she added the suicide part of "The Note". I think that after that she got intact with David Geffen. David Geffen is the highly respected creator of DGC Records, the label that Nirvana was signed to. I think she convinced him that he would make more money off of Kurt dead rather then if he was alive. Because he was leaving the band, and usually when a band breaks-up, fans stop listening to their music. But if the lead singer or any other member of the band dies, sales increase by about 50%. I think that David Geffen then helped Courtney find someone to kill Kurt.

I think that they then both hired someone to become friends with Kurt, do heroin with Kurt, and finally kill Kurt, and make it look like suicide. So who would it be? I can't quite recall his name, but I do remember that some lead singer of a band claimed that Courtney wanted to hire him to kill Kurt, but he refused, and then Kurt showed up dead.

So who else was involved in Kurt's life? They needed someone that was already friends with Kurt, so that it could be done rather quickly. Well frankly I have no proof to this part, but there was one more person...Pat Smear. Pat had become real good friends with Kurt since he joined the band on the 1993 "In Utero" tour. I don't know if Kurt knew it or not but Pat just happend to have been very good friends with Courtney, BEFORE Kurt even meet Courtney. And he was one of Kurt's best friends in the last few months of Kurt's life. Not to mention that after Kurt died, he spent a small amount of time with Dave Grohl in "Foo Fighters", and now Pat has virtually disappered. So was it him? It surely sounds like it, too bad that as of YET, I cannot prove anything against Pat. But one day soon I will know the rest of the truth...

...I truly hope that this portion of my web page has helped most people understad what really happened on that sad day of April of '94. And I want everyone to know that if I find out anything else I will immediatly update this page. So if ANYONE has anymore information, regarding the tragic death of Kurt please E-Mail me, and I will make sure that credit is giving to whom it belongs.

So untill more info is released this is Charles Hackling saying farewell, for now...

Disclaimer:This page is not sponsered by Tom Grant, DGC Records, Courtney Love, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, David Geffen, or any other person, buisiness, or accociates of Nirvana or DGC Records.