Briar's Thorn Bush

Welcome To Briar's Thorn Bush!

In the dark of night, it's easy to lose yourself in the
 winding passages  of the web.  This night has
 proven to be no exception.  You feel as if
 the walls are closing in, and you simply cannot
 find what it is you seek.  Twists & turns lead you
 to blank wall after blank wall.  Hope is
 running out.  Then, up ahead, you see a large 
door, its hinges shining gold; the door handle staring
 up at you in the form of a great dragon.  You rush
 toward it, grasping the dragon. The door swings 
wide, & you find yourself in a garden of sorts.  
In the center of the garden is a large rose bush,
 covered in thorns and blood red roses.

"Welcome to Briar's Thorn Bush." The entire garden seems to be speaking the words, the flowers leaning toward you in expectation. "Feel free to wander but don't get too close to the flowers. They get a bit testy sometimes." Different paths stretch out before you. You are overcome with the urge to explore. Let your journey begin.....

Other thorn branches:

My Current Work In Progress: This is a little about the novel I'm currently working on.

Robbie's Page: This is a page dedicated to my baby brother, who I love & miss.

My Hedgehog page: For all those who love hedgies, or just want to know why they make good pets, check this page out!

My Dormouse Page: Information on dormice: their proper care, housing, feeding, and such. They are hard to find information on, so I will add to this as I can. I also want to start a network for Dormouse owners, to exchange information, etc.

Briar's Wonderful World Of Reptiles!: Stories about my experiences as a reptile owner, along with information & links to other sites for herp enthusiasts.

Links To Other Sites

My Mom's Web Site: Mom has information about our family, her interests & hobbies, & much more!

My Girl Scout Site: Information about my favorite passtime: Girl Scouts!

Berea Service Unit: The web site of Berea Girl Scout Service Unit

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