Gold Award Project Ideas for Senior Girl Scouts

The Gold Award is the highest award a Senior Girl Scout can earn. Many girls, especially those just starting to work on their project, feel a bit daunted at the task ahead. Often, they wonder what sort of project they can do to finish their Gold. On this page, I have collected ideas for different Gold Award projects. However, please remember that guidelines vary by council, so be sure that whatever project you choose falls within those guidelines. Some projects may not be acceptable in your council. These are just suggestions. If you have any suggestions that aren't on this list, send them to the e-mail address at the bottom of this page. I have only included ideas on this list that would (as far as I know) be acceptable under my council's guidelines, which require that the Gold Award project affect a group outside the Girl Scout community & must have the possibility of being sustainable. If this does not apply in your council, you may find some very good ideas on the
Silver Award Project page.

Project ideas are divided by areas of interest. Some may fall under more than one area, but I have included it in only one, in the interest of space.







Promoting Volunteerism:

Senior Citizens:


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