Total price in car so for

Car                               $800
Rear rims                      $40
Tie-rods                        $150
front seats                     $125
rear seats                       $25
armrest                          $30
sun viser                        $20
door panels                    $50
primer                           $75
front spoilers                  $30
rear spoilers                    $30
black paint.                    $120
parts car for interor         $300

total so far

                     $$ 1825
  Welcome to my site with my cars that i'm restoring myself
click on pictures for bigger picture
Here is my 79 trans am
asking why is the window down for??? because the guy took the window out. try driving this car 100 mile in cold weather and no heat. as you can see there is little rust out on this car
this is when i first bought the trans am home, and this is my dog Comet.
as you can see ever front and side part was taken off and taken down to bear metal
as you can see the same dog... man he grow up fast
first time on the road, well first time all back together.
here is how the old bird looks right now... not to bad this is my little helper, my soon to be 13 year old girl. she love this car
Well as you can see, this is me and what the car looks like..
this is my daughter.. she helped out alot.