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[My main] Gran Turismo pages, and links to other Gran Turismo sites
[Pit stop] albrnick's old Pit Stop pages, resuscitated
[My albums] of pictures related to Gran Turismo
[My scripts] If you have JavaScript enabled, these pages let you do neat things like translate codes, or search the game data for cars.
[Results forms] Print on your printer, and fill in your own Gran Turismo and Gran Turismo 2 results.
[about GT2 and me]
[My GT diaries] tips about game play and GameShark use, as well as detailed results of some races for further game analysis. All threaded with links by topic.
[My game logs] some detailed personal results allow even more detailed analysis--verify or debunk your prize-car theories!
[My old homepage] was even ickier than this one!

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I'm not sure if geocities requires me to make links to bitmaps and gifs, or not.

[index] [about] [photo albums] [results forms] [GT pages and links] [Pit stop] [diary] [logs] [maps] [scripts]