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A Lurid Tale of Obsession, Depravity, Wits and Attempted Wit

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Last updated at Sat Apr 24 23:08:59 EDT 2004

These pages were created as daily entries, and the full list is listed here. To try and find an entry related to a topic ("thread"), try the following grand thread index.

Or you can start at the first or, more reasonably, the most recent entry, and go from there.

As another alternative, you can use the new search facility, (obtained from the Freeware source indicated therein).

If you find this overwhelming you might want to look at the simple list of "threads" which contains links to the first and last entries dealing with various subjects.

More about these pages

These pages began as an experiment to help me explore some ideas regarding using HTML, and, specifically, converting naturalish text documents into reasonable HTMl, and linking those pages together in various appropriate ways. Quite clearly, the rate at which I am learning anything by creating these pages has diminished a lot. Or, in other words, they have probably got out-of-hand.

Consequently these pages may soon disappear with little or no notice. (Other than this). Updates have become very sporadic recently. That is not necessarily a totally bad thing. 8-)

I have actually managed to go to the effort of having these pages hosted semi-professionally, but that has resulted in a breakage of some links to facilities now not available.

Last updated at Sat Apr 24 23:08:59 EDT 2004

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