Membership Entitlements

Upon acceptance into the American Criminal Justice Association-Lambda Alpha Epsilon members receive:

Membership Certificate-that is frameable and printed on parchment paper.  It contains the member's name; the Association's logo and seal; the date of the acceptance by the signatures of the National President and the Executive Secretary.

Membership Pin-a gold organizational identification pin that is a facsimile of the ACJA-LAE logo.  To be worn with pride.

ACJA-LAE Sticker-to be placed on books, cars, etc.

National Journals and Newsletters-distributed to each active member.  The publications contain articles and manuscripts related to the criminal justice field; synopses of released publications in the criminal justice field; Association activities at the National, Regional and Chaper levels; and accomplishments and news of individual members.
*The information on this page was taken from the National ACJA-LAE
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