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About this site

This is the third version of "Roaccutane?" site developed by me, the man without a face.

The first site was introduced to the web on December 25th 2000, in attempt to try and help other acne-sufferers in their decision whether to take Accutane \ Roaccutane or not. I know that I had contemplated quite a bit in my times, around September 2000, about the use of this drug and looked for advice and information on the internet. Unfortunately, I came up with nothing. Three months later I built "Roaccutane?" in order to help others in my shoes.

That primarily page was very simple and poorly designed. It contained a lot of information though, and my detailed Roaccutane experience. I even received emails from different people around the world saying that my page really helped them in making their decision.

The second version of this site was put up online July's 1st, 2001. It contained a lot more information and features than the first version, such as a Personal Stories section, F.A.Q. section, the actual leaflet of the medicine and a sub-site about self-injury.

The design was somewhat better, and information could be accessed a lot more easily, but I still felt things aren't right, so I built this third and final version of my site.

The design is much better and it's easier to navigate in the site. The new features in this version are sub sites about depression and suicide. This is because I myself, and seemingly many others, have become depressed as a result of the Accutane \ Roaccutane treatment, and some have even committed suicide as a result of their depression. I can only hope these sub sites could help even one soul, or save one life.
I also put up an Online Monument section, in order to commemorate those who lost their lives. As someone who knows what's it like to be in their shoes, I feel it's something that should be done.

Make sure you read the Terms of Use before surfing this site.

For comments, suggestions, personal stories, related links and just about anything, feel free to e-mail me.