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Here is my list of acne and Accutane \ Roaccutane links. In case a link doesn't work or if you want to suggest a site I haven't listed in this page, please e-mail me. - A highly recommended site which explains teens various health issues (including acne) in an easy manner. - A nice little acne portal. May be useful, but hasn't been updated in a long time. - The URL speaks for itself. - A comprehensive Roaccutane personal experience page. - A major site against the use of Roaccutane (includes a lot of information on suicides allegedly linked with this drug). - A long article about Roaccutane by George Dimitriou. - A newspaper article telling the story of Clay Jackson, who was treated with Accutane and comitted suicide. - Another article about the alleged connection between Accutane and suicide. This time Joshua Simonetti was the victim.