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Side Effects

Side effects according to the leaflet:

90%Dryness of the mouth...
80%...and nose <which usually leads to nose-bleeds>
40%Dryness in the eyes
15%Muscle pains, joint pains
10%Thining or shedding hair <temporary>
5%Sensitivity to the sun
?%Birth defects
?%Skin peeling
?%Blurring and dizziness
?%Falling asleep during the day

Side effects that require special attention according to the leaflet:

7%Skin rash
5%Strong Headaches
?%Peeling or inflammation of the lips
?%Nose bleeds
?%Visual changes
?%Eye inflammation

Other side effects according to the web:

80%Skin dryness and some itchiness
5%Stomach aches \ Diarrhea
5%Feeling of burn while urinating
1%Damage to night vision
?%Damage to the liver
?%Immune disfunction
?%Chronic fatigue
?%Gastrointestinal problems
?%Psychiatric problems (other than depression)
?%Neurological disfunction

Side effects that I have experienced:

?%Feeling of dehydration