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Hello and thank you for viewing my website.  This website has been created as part of  course requirements for EED 602 at California State University, Northridge.  This course has been developed to assist all Credential and Master's degree candidates at CSUN in developing competency utilizing the resources available to them through current  computer-based technology.  These resources include web publishing software for the Internet, word processing programs, database and spreadsheet programs and multimedia presentation programs.  I have developed this website as a forum to tell about my educational background, philosophy and to display the projects I have completed as part of this invaluable  technology course.  Click on the portfolio link below to view the many different ways that technology  can be used to enhance the professionalism of today's educator!
A Little About Myself
I have been working with the Los Angeles Unified School District since 1997, where I first worked as a substitute teacher.  I subsequently entered the teacher credentialing program at California State University, Northridge and then accepted a position as a classroom paraprofessional while I was completing my coursework.  I began working in a Special Education classroom and found that working intensively with students with learning challenges gave me great satisfaction.  So I additionally entered into the Master's Program for Educational Therapy, and am currently completing my thesis based on the work I have done over the last three years in strategies to fully include children with severe disabilities into the general education classroom.  I am an active member of the Association of Educational Therapists and also of the Council for Exceptional Children.
My Educational Philosophy
As educators in today's world, we are not only responsible for teaching our children academic skills, but we must also be aware that our children need to feel like part of a community, have a sense of security, belonging and self-confidence in order to learn.  As an educator, I have chosen to specialize in the area of educational therapy because I believe learning is fostered through recognizing that a child learns as part of a system which includes family, peers, teachers and how he or she interacts within each system.   As teachers, we greatly influence how children learn to interact and behave with each other in the classroom.  For me successful teaching is less about the information we teach and more about the environments we create that promote a sense of community, belonging and safety within the classroom.  This is why I am a proponent of full inclusion, team building activities and cooperative learning.  My training as an educational therapist is an avenue I can use in order to collaborate and co-teach with general education teachers in modeling the kinds of strategies that build a fully-inclusive classroom community.