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Last modified: Fri Jun 8 08:48:04 PDT 2001

Take back the Marina!

GQB Video Library

Thanks to Moses Corrette, who has been taping many of our recent parties, we now have a library of video clips from some of our best parties, including the Marina, Tenderloin Bar Crawl, and Priscilla Queen of Walnut Creek.

You'll need QuickTime, and a DSL line (or your employer's Internet connection) to view the clips.

Tenderloin Bar Crawl

Crawl To Edinburgh Castle

Crawl To Hob Nob

Wrong Bar!! Inside the Hob Nob

Crawl to the High Tide

Inside the High Tide

Take Back The Marina

Chestnut St Karaoke

Priscilla Queen of Walnut Creek

There's more where these video clips came from, watch your email inbox for details.

Take back the Marina!

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