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Last update on Sunday, February 22, 1918 hours EST, 2004, by Guest256

Yes, I am using the British system now, since it makes more sense.  ._.  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I'm alive, fixing up some small stuff, and I might possibly post a story today or tomorrow.  Bye!  ^_^
Hi! Welcome to my site. I am Guest256 Porcupo, and you have stumbled into my realm. Here, you will find some fun stuff to do...I'm speaking in future tense here. This site is so small but can become bigger with your help. If you are from Subcon, you will enjoy my page! Other people can enjoy this page, too. I have a small but growing staff of friends of mine who help out with this page.
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This website was started on June 28th, 2002.
That means it's been going for over a year. :o
Update on Sunday, August 17, 7:24 PM EDT, 2003, by Guest256

Yaaaaaay, TPR has its own channel!  I registered a channel on mIRC.  Go to www.mirc.com to download the program.  Then join Espernet and join channel #mou.  E-mail me if you have problems.  Have a nice day ^_^
Update on August 4, 4:26 P.M. EST, by Guest256
La-dee-dah... a new update to remind you we're alive... and still renovating... and there's an important announcement! I will be going on vacation from the 6th to the 17th of August.  Then school starts on the 26th...that is all.
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