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Here's an audience participation activity that can be a lot of fun. Divide the audience into six groups. Each group should be given a word and a corresponding response. Then the following poem should be read (see below). Every time a group's word is mentioned, they must respond with the correct phrase.

Santa-"Ho, Ho, Ho"
Reindeer-"Clippity Clop"
Rudolph-"Beep, Beep" (While pinching nose)
Bells-"Jingle, Jingle"

One time long ago in a fake little town
A happening happened and the story's told 'round
How a reindeer named Rudolph was of no help to Santa
Delivering presents in this town near Atlanta.

The sleigh owned by Santa was loaded with presents
by the elves and the reindeer and a large group of peasants.
The reindeer were harnessed with bells on their toes,
But Rudolph must stay home (because of his nose).

Santa, the reindeer and the sleigh were all ready
To deliver the presents when a problem quite heady
Developed. It stopped them, they just couldn't go.
The problem, you see, was a large storm of snow.

The snow came so hard that Santa couldn't see.
The reindeer wouldn't know where to pull the sleigh (whee).
The reindeer, bells jingling, and Santa made tracks
Through the snow to see Rudolph, a question to ask.

Rudolph, said Santa and the reindeer in unison,
If this snow stops us this year our act is for sure done.
We've a sleigh full of presents to deliver tonight,
And the snow is so heavy, we have little sight.

Will you and your nose guide the reindeer to housetops
So that Santa with presents can make all of his stops?
Rudolph yawned and looked out at the wind driven snow
And said, "Santa and reindeer, I just cannot go."

The sleigh Is too heavy with presents delightful,
But if you ask me, the job seems a might dull.
Besides, all this snow and your bells out of tune,
The cold is too much. Ask again come next June.

(submitted to wagggs-l, Christmas 2001)