By John H. McKay  E-Mail: jmckay66@surfside.net
In Littleton Colorado, a horrible tragedy emerges.  The harsh reality of guns getting into the wrong hands.  Well, gee, if we outlawed ALL guns, would this tragedy still have occurred?  Well, it appears to me that these murderers would have succeeded without the guns, even if they were not able to find them on the black market.  How about the bombs, hmm??  It seems to me that this Trenchcoat Mafia, even under another name, probably would have focused more on detonating the bombs, if there were no guns to do this horrible deed.  Gee, the death toll could have reached up into the hundreds!!
In all due respect to the dead and injured in Littleton, I do not see how California's proposed law will solve any problems.  Sure as I just finished reading Vin Suprynowicz' book, Send In The Waco Killers, the state of California immediately validated some of the points that Vin elaborated on in this book.  The California law that I am talking about (for all I know may have passed as I am writing this) would limit citizens to purchase only ONE handgun per month.  How the hell would that solve anything??  According to the Orange County Register, there has not been a killing by the use of a gun in an Orange County school since 1992!!  OOOH, sure sounds like California needs tight gun control laws.  Gotta keep those schools safe!!  As Vin so points out, it is not you or me that is the danger.  It is the government that we had better keep an eye on.  As Ron mentioned in the May/June issue of The Thought, under book reviews, you REALLY should read this book.  Everything is documented to a tee, so you know that this is not a bunch of bullshit that you are reading.  After you read this book, you will only WISH that Vin is full of shit.  This is a book that you will most likely pass on, as I am going to do.
I mourn for the victims and their families in Littleton Colorado.  But once again, if all guns were banned from our lives, would there still be a tragedy in Littleton Colorado??  Unfortunately, with wackos like the members of the Trenchcoat Mafia in our world, this type of tragedy is inevitable, even with a total ban on guns.  I would be willing to bet on that.
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