By Peter Riden

Nothing new as to the semblance of excitement that animates us all in the prospect of entering human historical chronology for the sake of having witnessed the dawn of this new Millennium. It is another day, in itself, but the importance we give to it is obviously the reflection of our own measure of accomplishment and the landmark we dare add to it. So, yes, this is a new era we're figuratively entering in, as we want to turn the page and use this numerical occurrence to do so. Of course this presentation addresses to the more liberal, open-minded ones that are, each on their own, intent at seeing freedom of expression, in one's private choices, being fully recognized and implemented.

From the Philosopher to the Educator, from the Musician to the Poet, from the Nudity Pioneer to the Clothing-Optional Club Owner, from the Poly Amorous to the Mono-parental, fromthe Multi lover to the

Solo Lover, from the Homo to the Bi to the Hetero Partner, from the Interracial/ Multiracial Promoter to the Global Humanity Concept Initiator, all of those people do share the common ground of wishing a true understanding and sharing of all these personal differences to join in the task of addressing to the real prudish opposition to our mutual and rather prurient desires to see our rights being fully recognized to be as we can be and want to be.

We're are all equally concerned with the prevention of one being harmed, be it a child or anyone of consenting capabilities. Our approach may vary, but for the conservative trendies of this society, in which we all live, we may be perceived as an unwelcome threat to their monotonous, uneventful every day life, and if we are of the passionate kind, it is obvious that this will engender jealousy from our scrutinizers, for us being so free about our personal choices in our lives.

This is another challenge that arises. One that requires we be able to find those who are no threat to us, even though their personal variations in such personal conduct of theirs may appear of the challenging kind and somewhat a little accentuated from what we live by. It is then that we ought to truly unite in action, if not always in personal choices. One is to ask if the person we observe is truly a threat to our freedom or if, on the contrary, a potential ally with his/her own way to conduct one's life, with full respect for others' freedom.

It is when we become under the scrutiny of zealots that we all know something is wrong. And it is then that one such big challenge kicks in. The one that commands we stand up to our denigrators and learn to not have them dictate us what our choices in life ought to be, if we know, in full honesty, that we present no danger to others of becoming harmful to innocent by-standers. Defending ourselves from unwarranted attacks has nothing to do with harming others. It is when one is an absolute uninvolved participant and that one is forced into a situation uncalled for, that resistance may then become necessary, and counteracting such forceful intrusion becomes fully justifiable.

But rather than contemplating last resort solutions, it is definitely important that we first learn to join forces between like-minded ones and not distance from one another for mere petty differences. It is with that spirit of cooperation that we can all decide that we enter this chronological jump into a New Millennium. A jump that is more figurative than real, of course. But one that is indicative of our intent at making it better for us all in the times ahead, with that designated starting point, as abstract it truly is. But we like to give ourselves some occasions to either celebrate or reflect upon. This one Millennium affair is obviously a good mass excuse to do so, in itself. All different creeds do probably forget their own specific calendars and join in the near Universal agreement that we've entered a new chapter in Human History with the counting of 2000 and on.

This is the reality the open-minded, non-judgmental, life-lovers do have to contemplate as one solid statement that united we may gain far more than distancing ourselves from other positive options, the more so, when such alternative options prove to be of the challenging kindsto the dormant status quo of a proven failing society in its false regulations for the sole attempt of having its slaves totally submitted to the dictatorship in place. We sadly know that there are governing/ruling structures in place that are becoming more of obvious failures for the people it was initially meant to serve and better coordinate with one another. This has been expressed by many of those participants in the communal dialogue between freedom proponents of all diverse backgrounds and creeds.

Yes, it is once more the repeated invitation that we do unite and recognize our differences, if not necessarily having to practice them all, and that, rather than turning our friends in, we stand up for their rights as they'll join in standing for ours.

For the dawn of this New Millennium, the agenda is quite remarkably a busy one for us all, open-minded friends.

[Peter Riden is the Founder of the Worldwide Affiliate Network and is the Editor and Publisher of THE AFFILIATE.  A sample copy can be obtained by sending US $10 to: THE AFFILIATE, 777-283 Barb Road, Vankleek Hill, ON K0B 1R0, CANADA.  This article originally appeared in the January/February 2000 issue of THE THOUGHT.]

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