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By Julian Tebye
I'm not exactly an aficionado of ROLLING STONE--the magazine--but, recently, I was waiting for a cab and had nothing to read except a copy (June 8, 2000--#842).  It was mostly about this or that rock-and-roll figure, totally unknown to me (I'm more into esoteric classical).  But, then there was an article by Will Blythe titled 'The Guru of White Hate' concerning a wealthy retired physicist named William Pierce, the founder in 1974 of  the National Alliance, a White Supremacist organization.    Blythe writes of Pierce's outline for taking control, "In a last spasm of power, the Jews and their minions will launch nuclear weapons against the whites."  (Except for Sammy Davis, Jr. [whom I never met], I never met a Jew who was not white!  The confusion here is, of course, that of Pierce [purposefully], not of Blythe.)  He continues, "The whites will retaliate with their own.  Goodbye, Washington.  So long, Tel Aviv.  Pierce and his men will be underground...down into the limestone caverns below.  When they come back up, they will seize control of the smoking ruins and build a country for whites only. "
"In the first few decades of the new America, the land will be racially cleansed.  Aryan values will prevail.  Young men and women will gather to revel with polkas or waltzes, reels or jigs.  They will listen to popular music minus Barry Manilow, stroll through art galleries minus Marc Chagall.  There will be no Blacks in America--those who survive the racial holy  (sic) war will be returned (sic) to Africa.  Mexicans will be sent back to Mexico.  Asians to Asia, and as for the Jews, they will be exterminated, this time for good.  People will come to understand that regardless of how many died during World War II, it was not enough."  (I wonder what Pierce would have 'us' do with the American Indians?)
Reading this makes the same cold chills run down my spine as, back in the '50s, when I met a Black Muslim, who icily stared me in the eyes and stated, "All you blue-eyed devils will be killed!"  Hate is still hate, regardless of the color of the one who hates. 
Blythe continues, "But for all his multimedia ambitions, Pierce's most substantial and abiding legacy will likely be as author of THE TURNER DIARIES, a novel he self-published in 1978 that gleefully describes the bloody overthrow of the U.S. government by white revolutionaries, the subsequent resettlement of blacks, and the final extermination of Jews and 'race traitors.'"
Blythe also notes that Timothy McVeigh--the man who blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, used to sleep with a copy of Pierce's book under his pillow.  Pierce argues, however, that  "McVeigh used a bomb  in which the two essential ingredients were nitromethane and ammonium nitrate set off by a detonating cord.  My bomb was ammonium nitrate and fuel oil, set off with a dynamite initiator."
Blythe goes into the youth and early years of Pierce and his 5 wives.  I won't say he paints a sympathetic picture of Pierce, but he attempts to be non-judgmental (in a biased way).  He portrays him as a fairly ordinary human being--or, as Nietzsche put it: Human, All Too Human.
Blythe writes, "Published as a 320-page paperback book by the National Alliance in May, 1978, THE TURNER DIARIES went out into the world like a ghost telegram from Adolf Hitler, summoning all the disgruntled loners who were watching their lily-white America disappear.  The novel thrilled its partisans with an utter disdain for the ethos of tolerance.  It offered the sacrilegious spectacle of blacks, Jews, feminists, liberals and the entire country of China being ground under the hobnailed boots of rampaging white guys."
Well, I too can hate! 
I hate a 'hate book' such as this.  I hate the idea of ANY race being 'supreme' over all the others.  (How many races are there?  When I was young, there were 5--but the Red and Brown 'races' have disappeared.)  I look forward to the day--I hope--when the white race has disappeared, the black race had disappeared, the yellow race has disappeared--and any other race 'experts' may come up with.  All we have left (which is wonderful and beautiful) is One Human Race.  Advocates of a 'pure' race are a few million years too late!   There are good and bad among all ethnic groups.  And I mean ALL!  There are also snobs and idiots and dullards and geniuses.  Which you are depends on the position of the stars when you were born (according to some).  I think not.  DNA or genes, perhaps.
Please note that, each one of us has (had) 2 parents; 4 grandparents (less if there was a bit of hanky-panky).  8 great-grandparents.  16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024--and on and on.  IF there were no intermarriages, we would each have over 9-trillion ancestors living in about the year 800AD.  Impossible!  All evidence points to less than 1 billion humans living at that time.
So--it is my contention (unproven) that we are ALL related somewhere along the line among our ancestors.  And I mean: ALL!  There can be no such thing as a 'pure race.'   Those who seek a 'pure' race have started a few million years too late. 
Yes, I hate!  Primarily, I hate those who preach hatred.  I hate Adolf Hitler and everything he stood for!
No--not everything.  For example, Hitler and Henry Ford and Thomas Edison all agreed on one thing: They were totally opposed to people who smoked cigarettes.  (Neither Edison nor Ford would hire a person who smoked cigarettes.)  Hitler's Berchtesgaden retreat was beautiful.  The first real picture window.  And a table surrounded with easy chairs--not just flimsy bridge-table chairs.  And the autobahn.  True!  None of these was originated by Hitler per se.  They were originated by people he hired. 
That is, as much as I hate Hitler, I must admit that he  had some great uniforms and insignia--and the Messerschmidt was a great airplane.  None of his own making.  But, done at his request.  The people under him were not stupid.  They were mostly very intelligent--and capable.  They were also anti-Semitic and believed (or at least they claimed to believe) in the myth of the Aryan Race.  Don't pretend that these men were stupid!  Unfortunately, they were mostly very intelligent. 
And THAT is what is horrifying!  I don't mind a stupid person being prejudiced. It is when an intelligent man (such as William Pierce) comes up with this scenario!   THAT is frightening!
Must there be a WWIII and a WWIV and a WWV...and on and on,,,?!  Is there no way to stop this idiocy?
I don't think that Anarchism has the answer.
But--I AM an anarchist--and I REMAIN an anarchist.
Well--I have come to realize (as a historian) that there are those who wish to preserve, those who don't give a damn (the majority), and those who only wish to destroy. 
Anarchists make poor soldiers.  Witness the Anarchist Brigade, which came to the aid of the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War.  Almost immediately, they lost Madrid to Franco, which was all the edge he needed to win the war.  Nestor Makhno, leader of the Ukraine from 1918 to 1920, was aware of this lack of military ability, although he ascribed it to a lack of solidarity and cohesion in Anarchist ideas.  He came up with a manifesto in the mid '20s to correct this lack.  Unfortunately, his manifesto is as authoritarian as any Fascist dogma, thus counteracting its intended purpose.
The point I am trying to make--and not succeeding very well--is that, we claim to be Anarchists working toward the dissolution of government.  So--we succeed.  What then?  Will we have our Anarchist utopia?
Absolutely not--as long as there are people around such as William Pierce and George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi party (a friend and idol of Pierce).  How is it possible to convert a Timothy McVeigh into being a tolerant, peace-loving Anarchist?  I am reminded of Bakunin's protege, Nechaev.  His ANARCHIST'S HANDBOOK is pure nihilism (a term coined by Turgeniev).  The aim is destruction--nothing else.  Pierce and his ilk seem to believe that, after 'the destruction of everything,' there will (miraculously) be something left to reconstruct the world in his image. 
(Marx, by the way, pretended [though he very well knew otherwise]  that the ANARCHIST'S HANDBOOK was the work of Bakunin--thus, totally discrediting him, and allowing Marx to seize control of the Third International--changing history.  Setting up Communist Anarchism as the spearhead.  [Many Anarchists think I am a nut case when I insist that Marx and  Engels were Anarchists.  But--sorry.  It is true.  What do you have when 'the state withers away?']) 
Dostoievsky writes about Bakunin and Nechaev in his novel, THE POSSESSED.  (Dostoievsky's mother's maiden name was Nechaeva, and I suspect--though I have never been able to prove it--that Dostoievsky was related to Nechaev.)
All right--what I am trying to do is send up a warning signal.  Look--we can tolerate and fight and criticize the bumbling, hypocritical, fraudulent government we now have.  Let us not leap from the frying pan of Democratic inefficiency into the flames of White Supremacy.
By the way, my cab finally came.  For once, I was very pleased that it took so long.
[This article originally appeared in the September/October 2000 issue of THE THOUGHT.]