Guild Road

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"Welcome to the Guild Road of Destiny." You hear a familiar voice say and as you look, the aged avatar leans against a signpost to your left, offering a wave of his hand. Standing up straight to greet you, he continues. "The guild houses along this road are pulled together by the power of the gods so that all may fulfill their destiny." The man motions down a long road edged by various high wall and ornate gates. "You only have to pass through one of these gates and you will find yourself transported to the guild house that you seek." As he leads you down the lane, he points out the placards that denote the separate entrances to each guild house.

The avatar stops in front of one of the entrances, pointing out a placard along the wall. "Here you can find some of the finest iron works in all the land. This is the Fireforge Clan Guild, for the dwarven race only." He takes a look up at the gate a moment. "Just watch it, most of the time the smell of strong brewing stout comes out of these gates." 

The next gate you come across is again a metal one, this one though bears the insignia of the Lord Grylok. The man stop and points to the sign. "This be Grylok's Warriors, the guild for the fighters of the land." The sounds of clashing metal can be heard in the distance. "A place for them to train really." The man smiles and starts moving again.

He leads you further down the road still, until you come to another place. This one looks to be a church or temple of some kind though no specific following can be seen on it. "This one, this is the Priest Guild for all the different sorts of priests."

The walk continues with the man and soon you come to more of a shack than building or tower. The wooden house is nearly overgrown with moss and a strange symbol is painted onfront of the door. "This is the Shadow Witch Guild ...a strange place." He says no more and leads you on.

The next stop along the road brings you to a building which until recently was abandoned. Now it looks kept and the high hedges just inside the iron gate has metal fencing woven in through them. The building itself has no markings to show what it is for. The man tells you "Im not sure what the name of this group is, but I have seen some people enter. The only way to know for sure would be to see for yourself or ask around for an invite." He shrugs and the two of you leave that place, unknown to you at the time it is the Ninja Guild

The man returns to his original post at the beginning of the road. "That is the lot of them for now. If you want to find your way, then choose the gate that you desire and enter." He smiles and leans against the signpost once again but not before offering you a polite bow. "If you need anything, just come on back...I will be here, waiting for the next person to arrive."

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If you don't find a guild that suits you, you may be able to create the one you need. For more information regarding the creation of new guilds of Destiny, please use this link to send a mail New Guilds or if the link does not work, send an email to