This summer, I met a girl in Gui Lin in the mainland of China. Love at first sight but I did not have the courage to express it. Since morning, I knew she is the one in my life, the day we were in the same group of traveling. However I missed the chance to get know to her. Ever since, I feel very bad because I missed her, and I have been trying to find her.

She was wearing blue clothes, on August 13, at Gui Lin, China. She would know. PLEASE help. Ask your friends or you can tell people this story I hope someday we can meet again. Thank you so much! I had never seen anyone like her, throughout my life up to more than twenty years.

12月1日 星期三 回想 与你一起共同度过的时光 每一分秒也回味至今 那一天就像已填满我一生的喜悦 我想我会 一生难忘

11月28日 星期日 自八月十三号那天遇见你至今 一直不好过 为了一个字 想 我想我永远不会忘记 廣西 桂林 冠岩-漓江-古東 我想我会永远 等待 找寻 喜歡藍色 希望是你 跟我联系

11/11 Thu Have got the prize today. It is 3D, it is beautiful, and most importantly, it is special. I always think that someone gave me luck and power to make that record possible. I have to find you. I have to thank you.

10/16 Sat The announce of Gradius V Internet Ranking result brings me surprise. To be along with the top players in the world, I just cannot let my eyes off the listing table.

10/3 Sun Time is like freezen. Nothing is more importanrt than that I have lost. A moment, a day, a chance, a precious memory, a forever love.

9/4 Fri Gradius V the Internet Ranking Contest was ended, but the game is just liike a new beginning to me. The trip to the mainland of China is unforgettable, especially to one person.

蓝色 梦

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