Hello, I sent out your item(s) so you should receive them soon.  Thank you for winning my items and please take a moment of your time to read below.

Once you receive the item(s) and if everything is all right, please leave me a POSITIVE FEEDBACK and please leave 5 STARS ON ALL Detailed Seller Ratings(DSR) if you choose to use it.  DSR is really important to sellers right now.  Please note that 4 stars out of 5 is a failing grade! If you leave ANY "4's" in the DSR rating, my standing with eBay is damaged, even if you leave positive feedback. Currently, eBay is suspending good, honest, long-time sellers for any rating of 4.3 or less regardless of their positive/negative feedback history. I ask that if you do choose to use the DSR rating system, that you please leave a 5 star rating.

No matter what eBay says about leaving 4 Stars being good, do not take it lightly and don't believe them and leave me 5 stars please.  If for any reason you aren't comfortable leaving a 5 star rating, please contact me. Once again, it is really, really important that you leave me 5 STARS on all of the DSR categories.

Thank you again for buying my item(s) and I appreciate your business, hope we can do more businesses in the future :)  Please take care.


    Source: geocities.com/guiltygearsol