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Archieves: I'm still fucking WAITING for my GOD DAMNED domain!!! SO, I'm just going to be a lazy ass and put some entrys here for now, because alot of stuff has happened and I miss my blog!! ;_; *cry* EXPECT ALOT OF SPELLING ERRORS, I'M LAZY YOU FUCKER AND I DON'T CARE!! .....proceed ^_^

WARNING: Exsessive unnecessary use of vulgar and immature language. Viewer disgression is adviced, you cockbites.


February 11, 2005: Wow.... look who it is, eh??? Yup, tis me, my loyal reader (notice, singular, being myself). Well, heres what happened in a nut shell;

My mom left steve finally, and we're in San Diego living with my Uncle., one sentence... wasn't as bad as I thought. Anyway, we're both looking for a job, her to support us so we can move into our own place. Me to pay off laptop, and get a car. I'm looking at Honda CRX's or a Toyota Supra.. dunno. I'd like a mustang, thats my car, but I want to wait till I have money to put into it, and I dont want to be driving it while I'm restoring it, so that'll be later. But the prob is. I like all the old cars, meaning they have alot of miles (I've seen up to 200k) and some times its not worth the money to completly rebuild the engine, then its just the chasis, which is good, but... thats not me.

Anyway... I'm on independent studies, so I have more time to work... but I dont know, I wanted to graduate at a normal school, with a ceremony, but I can graduate early on idep. studies. its just you get only one chance to graduate from HS, and I dont want to be a new student as a senior, cuz its the year you get drunk, and hang out with your friends (or.. the few I have ^_^) so... its tough right now, but at least I've rid myself of cockhead, hopefully alot of my disorders will go along with it.

so... I got my domain, waiting to redister the WWW, then it'll be all set, I'll be doing my main network site, a few side projects, and a combined blog for me and Meg. so we can keep it touch. Link can be found here. Check back.


FUCK THIS PEICE OF SHIT!!! GOD DAMN EXPLORER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

..........................ahem... anyway, as you can tell, I wrote MOST of the FUCKING entry, all that happen, explaining, and then my browser went back... and I lost ALLL I JUST FUCKING TYPED YOU PEICE OF ROTTEN DONKEY SHIT!!

I got my domain, I'll be moving soon..... fuck you all

thank you and goodnight


January 8, 2004: POOOOOOOOONNNN!!! Well, its still 5:10 and we are waiting to find out... oh yea... I still haven't explained it... FUCK! No one reads this piece of shit anyway. Judgement day is at 6, so if it turns out, I will post again...


January 7, 2004: Still not up for explaining, its alot to go through. But I did get another lottery ticket!! I cant wait. Maybe this is a winner! but if not................ *calm* I will be very angry. See pic.


January 5, 2004: Alot going on... dont be susprised if I dont update in awile, everything in my life is really being put on hold. Dont feel like explaining, see cam. pic.


January 4, 2004: Ok, so I didn't win THIS TIME, but I WILL win some sort of large amount of money, I will!

Did my hair!! hehe, weeeeeeeeee!! (see cam. pic) Dreads, light, thin feminine kind, not the grungy smelly kind. Time for something different. I'm waiting for money so I can dye streaks in it (Electric blue and purple). But anyway... Not much to say today, except I have to go back to SCHOOL TOMORROW!!! *cry* NOOO! Kill me now and save me the pain.

I'm in Ravenclaw!
be sorted @


January 3, 2004: MARK MY WORDS!!! We WILL win the lottery tonight, I am so fuckin serious. Its 11:34 right now, lottery numbers are given on TV at 7:57 tonight, and I will update right after I WIN! Me and my mom need some money, thats the only way we can get out of here, ONLY way. And, remember this, we WILL win!!!!!!

Oh yea, and I just filled out the form to place the order for my domain, thanks to BRYAN<333 for paying for a years worth! ^____^ *big hugs* Anyway *game face* I will post again at 8:00pm (thats 20:00 hours), once I'm $86,000,000 (thats 86 million) dollars RICHER!


January 2, 2004: oh yea, and I fucking HATE people who are full of themselves passively. "LOOK AT ME!! I'M THE BEST!! But I'm just going to say I suck so I can hear how good I am from everyone!! I HAVE THE BEST STUFF!! ITS SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOURS! Look at me, I'm an attention whore, look at me, I'm a control freak... I only have the best, and no one else does, and I'm completly UNORIGINAL! I rip off EVERYONES shit and claim it for my OWN! I'm not even my own person!! LOOK AT ME!!"

..........No names.. but STOP taking my FUCKING shit. My sayings, my ideas, my... EVERYTHING!! FUCK!!! GET your own fucking LIFE! Stop taking my shit, be original for once, FUCK! Damn conformist.


January 2, 2004: DID SHROOMS!!!!!!!!!! HOLY FUCK ON A STICK! Dude, at first it was awesome, we were hanging out: Me, Leslie, TJ and Lalo at this middle school in the middle of the night, and it had been an hour, and I was like "....this is fuckin gay" Lalo:"No, no! Wait, give it an hour, it takes awile to take affect" so I'm thinkin, whatev. here anyway. So next thing I know, I'm dazed out on the clouds for 15 minutes, and everyone's face is green. Then I look around at the lights and they suddenly went from green to orange. Then I kept reachin for my cuz but she wasn't there, and everything was in slow-mo. We got back and the boys left, and I couldn't stop staring at the tree, it was just.... so COLORFUL! Dear god-that-doesn't-exsist... the COLORS! it sounds so fuckin cliche but really... you have to be on it to know, you can't even explain it. Plus, its my cousin's second time and she hasn't seen colors, only me and Lalo have ever seen colors

(THis is New years night) then we were watching TV and, you can't think you'll have a bad trip because then you will, and I started to. I was watching tv, and I couldn't stop feeling this coaster, everythings just so.... SOFT when your shrooming! and then suzan pac came on or whatever, the chick from MTV news, and her face was all distorted... thats when I started to get scared. Then we were watching bam, which didn't help because they're faces were distorting and throwing up eggs and stupid shit they do. So I suddenly had a panic attack (perfect time for one, eh?) and I can't control it, so I go into a bad trip. But I calm myself down, but I was like "its my mind, I can get control" so this is my thought process, I'm so fuckin serious. "damn... I'm on a bad trip.. no, don't think that or else--- is that my foot? look at the carpet!! TRIPPY!! I'm thirsty... 9:20? thats it? wheres lesl--- look at the carpet!!.... holy shit.. the colors! whats bam doing now? .... 9:18? thats it.... wait--wasn't it just---OH SHIT! The colors! ... my elbows soft... hmm... a coaster.." I swear, you can't control your thoughts, and the conversations!! Me and my cousin, holy shit. we'd just go on forever, with our pupils totally dialated, looking at her still-up christmas tree, she'd daze out and I'd be like "dont do that! your scaring me!" " beautiful" haha!

But anyway... I came down hard, my axiety took control and couldn't really control what I was saying, its like... someone else is doing it for you. So I went in her room and sat on the bed, twitching, uncontrolably for some reason (the window was open, but couldn't feel the cold) then... the tv was growing and sinking and shit, just the way they portray it on TV, then I heard friday on in the other room, and then I thought I was seriously tripping, so I just sat it out..... Then I had cotton mouth, (could feel my mouth for once anyway) so I got some water and we were both off the trip at the same time.... that was it! but yea... Then we drank (can't drink when your on shrooms or you'll die.... seriously) then we smoked 3 bowls (chronic!! Hell YEA!) then we woke up and did two more bowls (wake-n-bake my cousin calls it HAHA)... then my mom picked me up ^___^ w00t!


December 27, 2003: WENT TO SEE ROTK AGAIN w00t!! hehe, what can I say? PURE LUCK! Once agian, I did NOT have to pay! This time with mom, steve, nanny, brother and I hehe!! It was STILL awesome, despite the fact is the 3rd time! I must see at least 5 in theatres preciousss?? but.... shelob! *shivers* SEVEIRLY aracnophobic over here x_x but still, fucking kick ass.

9:00 pm: Watched first disc of appendicies in Two towers box set, its so awesome, all the detail that goes into it thats just for 5 minutes of screen time that people barely notice ('sept fans of course ^_~ like muah) and ANDY SIRKIS!!<333 I abosolutely love him.


December 26, 2003: Deja vu, this time its MY family, and was alot better. Though they are still not sane, they are not stupid like shit-heads (remain unnamed). But only one good thing about ANY family get-togethers... MY COUSIN!<333333333333333333333333333333 wee!! I love her to death, only person like me, its scary, we are EXACTLY alike, and I dont doubt that if I didn't have her I wouldn't be alive today, she keeps me sane because we are exactly alike, in every way possible, down to the disgusting yet satisfying habit of nail biteing ^_^ And discussed New Years party plans at her house.. which means I must face *dun dun dun* TJ! I saw him a whole two times, and a total of... 10 mins.? But he exsessively talks about me to my cousin saying how much he likes me and apologizes for looking at my rack! HAHAHA how funny *should be offended* But anyway, yea, we're gonna get liquor and chronic and SHROOMS!!<33 for the first time!! I will write all about my trip. Anyway, hes supose to get my a pipe for xmas, hehe!! w00t! *stoner* I'm supose to go down there weds. until friday, and she's gonna do my hair, not sure what yet, but I'm so fucking tired of being bland and boring. So, we'll see ^_______^


December 25, 2003: weeee! Got presents! I got POTC collecters edition! Japanese style silk robe (black and red!!!!), $20 B&N card, $25 Hot Topic card, Dune Book #1... thats about all the good stuff.. lots of chocolate<333 ^_^;; I am a Choco-addict.

Noon: Shit-heads came over x_x *dies* Had to be social!! *gags* blah blah blah, they ate, proved their profound stupidity, left a fucking filthy mess, and went home..... THANKS jackasses, I'll clean up after you! Want me to wipe your fucking ASS wile I'm at it?!

.............christ... glad their not my family. How embarassing it would be o_o

8:30 pm: w00t! d4 |3r0 i5 |-|3r3!! (translation: the brother is here) WEE!!<33333333333 I haven't seen him in so long, I miss my buddy. No one gets him but me, no one loves all the same things as me, and finds all the same things funny, and has dumb little habits like my brother ^____^

10:30 pm:O_O I finally opened my last present, after exsessivly convincing self that the package was too small, I got the LORD OF THE RINGS TWO TOWERS SPECIAL EDITION PLATINUM BOX SET with GOLLUM FIGURINE!! AHHH!! ^___^ I love it to death, I'm dieing to watch it all!! precious, ALL!!!


December 24, 2003: Went to mall at 7:00 am......... thats right... 7 am.. e_e;;; I wanted to die, but it sure as hell beats the crowd for last minute xmas rush *cough*men shopping*cough*. But I did get earings!! AT LAST! I went to this little place in the mall with this guy that looked like an ex-new york-pimp it was awesome, gave me deal on black titanium spike closure 14 gage horseshoe earring pare, which has been wanting. BUT... well, I still have the standard 18 gage that your peirced with, so I went from a 18 to a 14 in an HOUR *dies* X_X Wasn't too bad, I mean, its just like peircing your ears slowly with your own hands -_-; but after the first 15 mins. I was numb, so it really didn't matter, but on my left lobe, it seems to be FATTER than the other, so it took 45 mins. and I ended up getting so frustrated that I couldn't find the hole on the back side of my ear, I just peirced another o_O;; but yea, an hour, two bloody kleenex and a shit load of vasaline later, I'm a 14 gage. But ear stretchign is nasty, and I would never go any higher, because they dont think about when they are old men they will have saggy earlobes -_-;; anyway, pics of new earrings below, one is how they look now, and the second is the size comparasine of the 18 gage (silver, holding) and the 14 gage (black, wearing)

1, 2


December 23, 2003: SAW ROTK AGAIN!!! WEEEEEEEEEEE!!! hehe...............sorry Meg. ;_;

My friend Kylie, the only cool freshman in the school (know her from my Spanish 1 class x_x;; *dies* full of freshman and she keeps my sane) wanted to go and offered to pay for me, so I figured, "HEY! Why not?!" So its the SECOND time I've seen it for freeeeeee, my precioussss yess, we dont pays my love..... o_o;; shoot me now, because you love me so much ^_^

But once again, AWESOME, and so what if I couldn't feel my ass and had trouble getting to the car? It still kicked ASS! hehehe!!


December 17, 2003: WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Went to ROTK as xmas present from Meg. Went to the MIDNIGHT SHOWING cuz I'm a fucking GEEK and I love it! But anyway, lets see.... it was---umm.... AWESOME?!?! HAHA WWEEEE!!

............... o_o;; ok, ok, I'm officially a geek, but you know what? Do I give a fuck? Indeed I don't. But ANYWAY, NO SPOILERS I wouldn't do that to fans, being one myself but.... DAMN! It was so awesome. Legolas has the BEST scene, I never pick fav.s but I have to say, by far, my fav. scene in the whole movie (saying alot considering its 3 hours 15 mins. long?? Longer I think) But... YEA! Nothing much too say because it was just... to fantasmic (dont ask) GO SEE IT NOW!!