Dedication to Tanya
This page is dedicated to my friend Tanya, who was killed in a car accident in March of 99'. She was 18 years old. I can't understand how her life could be taken from her in such a short time. There must be a reason for it.

I worked with Tanya at a daycare center, she loved children. Among other things. Tanya loved Burger King. I remember going to Burger King or McDonalds for lunch and she always wanted extra ketchup and I always forgot it. It's funny how you remember the small things when losing a loved one.

I remember that fateful night of the accident, sometimes I wonder if I could have changed the way she was taken from this world. I needed a babysitter and wanted Tanya to do it, for some reason I didn't call her. And I think now that if I did she may or may not have done it but still if she did she would be here now. Tanya was riding in her car with her boyfriend and due to weather conditions the car swerved and spun around into the median and hit another car. She was thrown out of the vehicle and lived for a short time until she reached the hospital. Here heart gave out and she didn't make it.

I can't describe the feeling the next morning when hearing the news. It's not something you look forward to at 6 am on a Sunday morning. My first reaction was shock. I couldn't believe it, then I of course thought about the night before wondering if I called her she would be alive today.

All thoughts are with her family and friends who loved her and pray that she is in a better place now, with the angels.