This page is under construction, but in the future you will see pics of me, my friends, my band, my band's shows, and other stuff you might not want to lay your eyes on :p but for now here's some info for ya (make sure you sign the guest book!) :

I am 6'4" tall
guitarist in a pro hard rock band
computer pro
like working out a lot
from The Bronx NYC New York
me with one of my babies :p.....my babies :p....
My pics
tongue ring......
a poster of me about 5 years ago LONG HAIRED :p in a band called HARDERFASTER
Band pics are coming soon here when we replace our drummer
My friends
my crazy lesbian best friend that tries to steal all my girls :p
another "kitty chasing" friend that's a bartender, and an industrial bass player
look closely.... :p
here kitty kitty hahahahahah hmmmmmmmm......
her passed out on my leg after an enjoyable early morning drinkin' at the beach hahahahahah