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This web site has a collection of guitar tabs and chords of my favorite songs over the years. Some are collections from other sites and some of my own. Some songs I've worked out the chords by listening to it and some songs taken from other resources and a little bit of modification and rearrangement of the chords. Feel free to browse through the site by clicking to the links on the right. 

Check out some of my favorite guitar heroes and their amazing guitar solos! Videos has been added for your viewing pleasure and also a few online guitar lessons for beginners and links to to some amazing backing tracks. If you want to request or share any of your songs with others, go to the Forum link.

Have fun!


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Top 10 guitar tab and chords


1. Spider - Mabuk


2. Samsons - Bukan diriku


3. A. Ramlee - Kenangan mengusik jiwa


4. Perangkap Cinta - Ayie dan Berd


5. Meet Uncle Hussain - Lagu Untuk Mu


6. Mega - Pasti


7. Lefthanded - Tiada Lagi Kidungmu


8. Faizal Tahir - Gemuruh


9. Kristal - Memburu Impian ( Intro n Solo Tab )


10.BPR- Seribu tahun tak mungkin Tab