Launch Records is an independent type label in Ontario featuring many talented Metal/Rock bands.


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Web Store officially online - more merchandise being added all the time.


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The following bands are available from Launch Records:



Your Envy - Blend of all genre's.

Death Metal/Heavy Metal/Hard Rock/

Power Metal/Alternative.....


-Since 1996 creating their own styles.

Official Website -



Dayblind - Extremely heavy death metal.<

Technical, fast down-tuned picking blends

with a storm of blasts from percussion.


-Together Since 2003

-Released demo album '03

-Highly rated mp3's available



Official Website currently not online






Nescience - Alternative Metal


-Brand new band 2005!
-Website coming soon...






Straight Metal Injection - Heavy Metal/Grindcore


-Recorded one demo before disbanding.

-Was Created and destroyed in summer 2003

-New remix version of "The Sauce" now available.


Official website no longer online.









DISTANT SUNS - Electronic/Industrial Metal


-Recording demo album 2005/2006

-Cover of Smoke on the Water available!



BLACK EARTH - Heavy Metal


-First demo created in 2005

-More to come from this band....