*~* Nick Maloney *~*
what much can i say 2 equal the gift u have given 2 me; your friendship!U were there 4 me when others turned their backs on me.!If u weren't there that night 2 stitch my broken heart i wouldn't be typeing right now. 4 that i will 4~ever give u thanx & my friendship!
I Love U!!
*~* Jr helms *~*
2 my love your my best friend & nicks. you bring smiles when there is frowns & laughter when there's tears. Thanx 4 everything u have done!
I Love U!!!
*~* Josh Helms *~*
U are an awsome guy, friend, musician, & Christian.U have no idea how much U have helped me.thank u 4 everything!
I Love U !!!
*~* Jonathon Hughes *~*
u rock! sometimes when i think that i'm tired of being on the out side u  and josh let me know i'm never alone;
I  love u man!!
*~* Kane Maloney *~*
your the strangest person i know; u have been so awsome  ever since we met when i was in 8th grade! u tought me that no matter what people think ;that i should always be my self & not who they want me 2 be.thanx 4 everything u have done 4 me!
I Love U!!
*~* Dustin Davis *~*
Dusty u have been there for me ever since the 6th grade & no matter how much i can get on your chics nervse u still Love me! Thanx man!
I Love U!!
*~* Chris Heaton *~*
U are 1 of a kind! even though some times we have our anoying momments u have been a real awsome dude
I Love Ya
This page is split into a couple parts
the guys on 2 pages & the chics  on the other 2 !
*~* Zac Tallent *~*
1 of the most awsome drummers i know! thanx 4 teaching me how 2 play i delight in u on bass & guitar!
I Love U
*~* Cyrus Kent Williams *~*
U rock dude, i've never met any one @ the drag strip that didn't really care if he won;U tought me the proper way 2 drag & an awsome guitar trick;thanx 4 everything ;
I Love U!!!
*~* Bobby Wiestling *~*
your not only my big brother, but my very 1st friend!Thank u 4 being my big bro & 4 all u have done 4 me! I miss U & i hope u come home soon!!
I Love U Bro!
*~*Adam Yarbrough*~*
Adam U are 1 of my best friends & I Love U 2 death! your always there 4 me when I need U & it means alot 2 me when u told me that I could tell U anything!I hope 2 see more of U around school and hopefully we will be able 2 spend some time 2~geather!U are the only one who can make me laugh even if I'm having the worst day U still find a way 2 make me smile!U are 1 in amillion & I hope u stay that way!
I Love U!!!
you are an amazing person, I love how safe U make me feel. I care about U so much troy!your always #1 in my book, hugs & lots of kisses!