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Dont click hear!
this iz mye bands websyte

this iz mye livejernul.

this iz pointless stick figure cartoon time, my comic that i made.

a odd website

a story. has some bad werds

poop ride bycycles click the poop man to get in


twistid dot com
Hi let me tell you about myself I like to eat sometimes I drink I even sleep sometimes and then in between all of those, I'll need to go to visit the bathroom but i like to call it potty room most of the time I do all of those, practically everydayand sometimes do things with other people my fabrit color is 8 my fabrit.number is bloo and i like to dance happy dance oh yah and sorry about i am bad grammard i forgoted things i learn in english over big summer break
this is me waveing
i liek to jump and laugh and eat and sleep and poop

sometimes i liek to woch cartoons and moveys about happey monkyes







rite hear to.
one time i had a monkey friend named bill bill. i fed him some alker seltzer and one hour lated he explodeded. i never saw him again. i think he went to the monkey hospital then became a reality tv star.

i was raised by a pack of wild beans in the forest. they tought me to make people fart if they eated me
why is this text here i dont now mabey i shood dileet it.
this is me when i played seek and go hide with bill bill. he found me rite away. he is very good at games like this.
home sweet home
this is my bean familly.
this is my monkye frend bill bill. he explodeded. this is a crissmiss mousie trieing to warm up his cheeze. i dont knoe what that is.