I've been a huge KISS fan since the age of three...that year (1979) I dressed up like Gene Simmons for Halloween.  Since then, I've collected just about anything and everything KISS-related (unfortunately, most of the stuff that would now be worth big bucks got trashed a long time ago...but, I guess I've still got a decent collection), got one of my high school senior pictures taken with a KISS sign and some t-shirts and guitars, got a KISS tattoo and a Paul Stanley Washburn guitar, attended 8 KISS concerts (twice in the front row), 7 KISS conventions, 1 Ace Frehley/Peter Criss solo concert, seen Paul Stanley in "The Phantom Of The Opera" in Toronto twice (from the second row and from VIP box seats), and have been lucky enough to meet Ace (no picture unfortunately) and a few other KISS members.  Also, my picture is in the "'KISS Rocks The World' Official Reunion Tour magazine and, in December 2000, my friend Dave Eack and I could be seen on the show "VH-1 Fanclub" about KISS fans...well, we were only in the background of a shot for 8 seconds or so, but it was enough to make us happy.  I was interviewed on-camera twice, once alone and once with Dave, but we must be too ugly for VH-1.

Sorry about the bragging, but it's stuff that I think is cool and/or am pretty proud of.  If you want to make fun of me, put it in the guestbook so everyone can enjoy it.

Below you'll find links to some KISS-related sites, my pictures (my tattoo, some stuff in my collection, the pic of me in the mag, tickets, concert shots, etc.) and anything else I feel like putting up.
KISS Autographs & Pictures
Guitar Picks & Concert Memorabilia (KISS & Non-KISS)
My KISS Concert Photos
My Miscellaneous KISS Pictures

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