I've been a Poison fan since sometime in the mid to late 80's when I bought the cassette of "Open Up And Say Ahhh...".  The first CD I ever bought was Poison's "Flesh & Blood".  I had pictures and posters of them all over my bedroom walls and desperately wanted to be C.C. DeVille (lead guitar)...he was my idol.  My best friend Craig Calvin and I had tickets to see them on the "Flesh & Blood" tour in Detroit in 1992 (I think) and we were so excited about the show that we thought about getting the Poison logo shaved into the back of our heads.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, since it avoided an embarassingly bad haircut), the concert was canceled because the band broke up.  C.C. DeVille, my favorite band member, was fired from the band.  I remained a fan and saw the band in concert with C.C.'s replacement, Richie Kotzen.  It was an excellent show, but I really wanted to see C.C.

In 1999, I got my chance.  C.C. rejoined the band and they embarked on a reunion tour with Ratt, Great White, and L.A. Guns.  I managed to score 4th row tickets for the Detroit show, but once we got to our seats we realized that our view was obstructed by some of the stage equipment.  We spotted a couple of empty seats in the front row and sat there for the entire show.  We ended up scoring backstage passes and we spent a couple of hours hanging out backstage with free food and drinks and all four bands.

In April 2000, I ran into Poison bassist Bobby Dall at the airport in Atlanta, Georgia.  I didn't get a picture or autograph but did talk to him for a little bit.  He was in line with the other first class passengers and was about to board the plane.  I walked by, put my hand on his shoulder, said I was a big fan, and started to walk away.  He stopped me and got out of line to talk to me.  He gave me some info on the album that was about to be released ('Power To The People' - he was coming home from mixing the album) and the upcoming tour and he asked me where I was headed and stuff like that.

I saw Poison again in 2000 on the "Power To The People" tour with Cinderella, Dokken, and Slaughter and got to meet Bret Michaels again after the show.
Poison/Ratt/Great White/L.A. Guns Autographs & Pictures