Guitar Tabs and lyrics

  The best tablature available anywhere.We also have a bunch of lyrics Stuff on this page.I kinda figured the two to be related.(check the bottom of the page for some mystery links marked by a "?".

   Below are the links to what you are looking for.
Rubik's cube solution-A simple way to solve the rubik's cube..
Tabspider-A tablature search engine indexed by artist and title from around the web.
Co-Acoustic-The number one guitar site for acoustic guitar anywhere.Lots of guitar info.
Country guitar tabs- A great source for you country fans. Lots of great country tabs.
Acoustic tabs-You will find lots of   tabs.An excellent resource.
Top acoustic sites- Listing of the best acoustic related sites.Ranked by user clicks.
Country tabs-More country guitar tablature.
Acoustic tablature-More than 35,000 of guitar tabs. Fresh tabs weekly! OLGA search, a lot of lessons and guitar software.
Cowpie- Country chord pro and tablature.Tabs
Green day chords tabs and lyrics-It is what it says!
50 Cent-Lots of links to 50 cent lyrics.!
More 50 cent stuff -This dude is popular!!
Gwen Stefani - Lyrics -A bunch of lyrics from this little lass!
britney spears lyrics -She can dance,She can sing,she cant act but we got her lyrics. Cuz wow can this gal sing!
Jessica Simpson-Lyrics from Jess What a voice.
lindsay lohan-She is awesome.
Hilary Duff lyrics-Pop deva. Where did I go right...By putting her lyrics on hear.(Get it thats her song that my answer)<--poor attempt at a joke.But it is my page so atleast give me a fake laugh.Ok then I guess we will "work it out"<--another song. Ok I am done with the bad joke (maybe)
eminem-His momma made him mad and now he is Not lacking for cash.Slim is way to cool.Guess whos back.

    I hope this has helped you find the tabs or lyrics you have been looking for and can get you on your way to playing the guitar or singing Maybe both. Bookmark this site and come back often as it will be updated on occassion.

Last updated01/05/2008
All the country tabs you will ever need just click here!
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