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This page is for anyone interested in tinkering with their electric guitar

Let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Mike. I play guitar in multiple bands, but I found that making a full-time living at it was tough. Learning how to service my gear saves myself (and the band) lots of money. I also repair other musician's equipment and get paid doing so! Now let's get to work. Before you proceed any further, I'm assuming that you are comfortable with a soldering iron (22-33 watt pencil type).

Most of these schematics are not average modifications. I hope you find these suggestions helpful. Please note, some of these modifications are not my original work and can be found elsewhere on the net.

If you feel you can't do these modifications, please take your instrument to someone you trust, or practice soldering on something other than your guitar.


Click here for an update on a less expensive Multipole 5-way switch.

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