Dale's Orbits
The following pages provide information on my current projects.
Since leaving The Guess Who in May of 2000 I've been busy busy writing as well as producing some Artist's projects including:

More Light....a CD for Artemis:
A collection of wonderful positive story songs addressing many issues young people face in these times . This CD is also meant to raise awareness and funds for the SASS Program founded by Devon "Artemis" Chartier.

The SASS Project:
School Alliance of Student Songwriters in the Durham District Schoolboard of Ontario(east of Toronto)

Do It For The Love
A small business started by Artemis and Dale for the purpose of organizing Charity benefits and running song contests in Canada to help others .

The One LessTear Project:
a major production to raise awareness and funds for Cancer Research...... www.onelesstear.com

tephanie Ryman
A young Nashville country singer on her new self titled CD.

Phoenix Rising:
A local Nashville Rok 'n Roll group on the rise with their 6 song CD.