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Charity is Unfailing

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Who We Are & What We Do

Our Church Ministry is a group of Ministries and Public Service Agencies designed to assist with the practical needs of individuals in the community while they are suffering from forced financial and other human need deprivation and can not afford any type of service which  facilitates:

> The Ten Spheres of Life <
( listed alphabetically)

The Purpose of OurMinistry
The purpose of our ministry is to provide spiritual guidance and a vehicle to match service providers with the Spherical needs of the individual, family or the Church Community.  Our Church Communities are located in North America, South America, Canda, and the Orient.

We have three Primary Missions:

 To glorify God through the manifestation of Charity and Spiritual Love, as taught by Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, 

 To provide assistance to individuals through the lessening of suffering,

To provide a structure for the Spiritual Leaders of God In Christ Church Ministries,  developing  a personal ministry that draws on their personal talents, skills and resources;

To provide Spiritual and Christian support and assistance to 
others across a wide range of human needs, developing Self Esteem, Self Empowerment, Self Actualization, Self Reliance and 
Leadership Skills in the process. 

Short Term Objectives

    To provide needed services to those in need 

    To assist and support our Ministry Leaders through Group Bonding, Worship, Group Prayer, and Service Ministry
    to others. 

    To grow stronger leaders through Inservice Training and Community/Spiritual Service. 

Long Term Objectives
    To train more individuals as Community Church Leaders

    To provide Spherical Services to people in our Local Church Community  and around the World in our International Church Community. 

    Our theme is Evangelism by the witness of service

    To send Mission Teams into communities to provide these services, working with local community, city, county, state 
    and federal service providers as relates to each individual. 

    Your comments and suggestions about this web site are always welcomed.

    Please send comments to: DRCIAO

A World United Through Love and Kindness
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