Sobar's UI 4.3
for World of Warcraft 1.11

Sobar of Archimonde
Sereph of Dunemaul

Extract the addons folder to your wow interface folder.

addons that do not have shprtcuts in the game and to use them:

1.CooldownCount, use keybingings menu
2.GoodInspect, use keybindings menu
3.sheepwatch /sheepwatch
4.BetterXPBar, type /beb
5.Statusbars type /statusbars
6.Autobar type /autobar config

all other addons should be accesible through the game interface.

**Please note this compilation may require several minutes of customization to fully become presentable
and usable as an interface.   **There is emphasis on Customization**

good luck and have Fun!

Comments and Recommendations.

Version history

Scarry Patch 1.11 Updates and fixes

currently bib does not have support to access the key ring however in the key bindings menu there
is an option ot allow a key to be boud to toggle the key ring, it is recommended that u use this feature 
to allow you to access the key ring feature. A suggested key is f7 since f8 toggles your 5th bag.

Updated CT Raid Assist for performance issues
updated CT Master Mod for a bug fix
Updated All bags for a bug fix
Updated Moveable bags to support the keyring if it was toggled
Updated WowEcon to a new and improved interface as well as search function and memmory optimizations

Atlas is still currently not included but Still highly recommended.


Big update for the 1.10 patch

** Atlas has been removed but its recommendation has not been, to save on space in the UI compilation
it has been set aside, it is available for Download at

CT mods
-CT Raid Assist, now using verison 1.53,, the newest available at the momment
-CT Buff mod, updated
-CT Item Buffs, updated
-CT master mod, updated

**Removed Cast time, however a similair function is now available in CT mod control panel under 
the player options tab, it is called Casting Timer.

Damage Meters Updated to 4.1.3 to relieve errors

Updated moveable bags


removed Healix - Sad to see this mod go, it currently has no functionality in the game
removed GongBegone - The reson this mod was made was because of a bug in game which has no been fixed
removed BGBuddy2 - One of the best mods every made, since 1.9 it has been bugged to the limits and 
	I am currently waiting for a fix by the developer

added sheepwatch - for mages only it puts a progress bar for your sheep timer and only loads for mages 
	so others do not have to worry about it

Updated CT Raid Assist - has been haveing sever performance issues which the CT mod team is working 
	hard to fix.
updated CT item buffs for 1.9


Updated damage meters

Switched from mobinfo2 to and updated version of mobhealth which uses less memory now

Updated lootlink to better accomadate using the dressing feature while lootlink is open
	basically the lootlink browser is visible at the same time the dressing room window is.
	before they were overlapping makeing it difficult to the dressing room and the lootlink 
	browser at the same time.

Updated Better XP bar to resolve issues of errors if you were level 60

New Version of CT_RaidAssist implemented

Updated BankItems to give fewer errors while at the bank, *Also reported some clients may not 
	expierience any errors at all. Maybe I'm just unlucky.

Added CombatStats which provides a nice window showing ur active DPS and statistics on your attacks

Added CT_itemsbuffs, I still can't figure out why I never had this in before.
	it simply displays buffs on items at the bottom of the buffs list if you are using 


Updated Autobar to fix the disposistioned docked bar in the middle of the screen


In 1.8 Blizzard took it upon themselves to develop a mouse over reputation
meter for the game being now embeded in the game ui. As a reult of this, the addon Reputation 
which displayed the numeric value of factions reputation with the player, has been removed since 
there was a conflict with the two mods displaying the wronf value for reputation.


The following mods have been updated and tested for the 1.8 pacth

Bib Mod 4.12

The Bug with Bank Items is still unresolved.
the command /bi still works however


Updated Ct_mod for stability and reset issues.

Added Mobinfo2 which integrates with status bars to show a 
	numerical value of the enemies health as well as a percentage

Added WoWecon_pricemod, this is a database with vendor sell prices, disenchant info,
	it does however support a auction gatherer module however a paid sunsciption to is 
	required, aswell as patch download software which is not included, it is recommended you 
	turn off the auctioneer function to avoid haveing to update it. The basic use of this mod should 	
	simply be the fact that it displays in the tool tip the sell value for almost every item in the 	
	game, Kc_items and lootlog did not accomplich what this mod does.

*Known Bug*
the banked items icon around the minimap may not read your 
banked items correctly until after you've typed /bi.

however you can get an accurate display by typeing /bi

For the time being it is recommended to type /bi or bind it to a macro to
always get an accurate readout.


Bib Mod just released a fix for bibtoolbars correcting 
the stance change issue. As a result of this, Bib Mod has been reimplemented.

Added Bibmod 4.5
Added FilterFix <---- Allows by default only the available skills at trainers


Due to Bib toolbars inconsistency with warriors in 1.7, 
it had to be removed so that the interface was cross compatible with other
character types.

Nurfed action bars will be used untill Bib can correct this problem.

Removed BibMod

Added Nurfed Actionbars


Added CoolDownCount support for Bibtoolbar
Added CastTime


Addons include:

Telo's Lootlink
Telo's Quickloot
SCT "Scrolling Combat Text"