Hello and welcome. My name is Sharon I go by Morningdove, I chose that name because I believe the spirit is represented by the White Dove the dove is used in the Bible as well as in many beliefs but in each it represents the spirit, released and free. The White Dove also, stands for peace. My husband Eddie and I used to raise them they are a peaceful bird, gentle we had each one named.  When I was surfing the web and found the picture above I knew it was mine. It fit to a tee.  Well I am back by popular demand, I had taken all my pages off for personal reasons but have done some deep soul searching. I believe it is my grandmother’s dream and heart to keep our family together and alive, she lives on in us.  It was not her wish for her land to be taken from her and her family to have to live and hid the very fact they were Indian. 

So here is my story, I found out about two years ago that I was mixed blood Cherokee, all my life I had ask my parents and grandparents if there was any Indian in me a flat NO was the response. You are German, Irish, English, and Black Dutch when I ask what a Black Dutch was I was told a dark hard Dutch, so you can imagine the shock and surprise I had when I learned I was of Native Blood.  I had to pinch myself for weeks to see if it was real, I thought it was a joke, but a very supportive cousin “Marvin Jones” reassured me that it was all true. Since then I have met many cousins that have been helping me along the way.
Jere Cox, Tony M. McClure, George Powell, Jim Peters just to name a few.

I had not started looking for my Indian Blood, my first husband died in 1996 from a massive brain tumor, he was diagnosed in September of 1995 and had surgery the same week, before he came home a Red Tailed Hawk took up roost in our tall pine tree which stood over our bedroom the Hawk remained there until his death in April of 1996. I thought it odd others did as well.  As time went on I met my second husband and we married on December 24, 1997. Some tell me it was too soon but I have two children, it was my late husbands dying wish for me to find someone and give my children a good home.  I not only got a new husband but five more children and a grandson.  Not long after we were married my second husband found himself in the ER with a massive heart condition.  He is disabled now and stays home with me, a wonderful loving husband, so supportive.

I am disabled from
Sjogrens Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and multiple other illness, also a cancer survivor. I run a support group on line called SJS Angels you can click on the link above to read about this illness that affects many.  I am now following my dream to find all of my family and my roots. 

I still have much to learn about my native roots, my brothers,sisters  and their beliefs, which are now mine as well. I feel in my heart it was our Grandmother Lucy’s wish for our family to survive no matter what, but I also believe she would have wanted us to all find each other and be one blood again, so I guess this is going to be my quest to try to contact as many of us, and somehow if only by cyber space reunite our family.
I hope you all like my pages these are not only for family but also for all that wish to read them for we are all brothers and sisters.

Ask the Earth and Sky,

thus weave for us a garment that we

might walk fittingly where the birds

Clip playing in background is
"The Cherokee Morning Song"