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FOLLOWING is the original, now UNofficial GCWA site

Updated: 29 Sept. 2009


There was a meeting at the end of August & September, but I was busy with FEMA/MEMA 'negotiations' over temporary modular versus travel trailer lifestyles. ALWAYS check for meeting & event & contest notices. This is probably the best(or only) source of GCWA past activities that is relatively comprehensive.

Saturday, 25 JULY 2009, 2pm: General Meeting was at the Orange Grove, Gulfport,Public Library, located on US49 about a mile north of US49/I-10 interchange. The library is on the west side of US49, past Barnhills Restaurant, but not as far as the WIN jobs center--lots of parking, beware of all the traffic.

Membership includes the "MAGNOLIA QUARTERLY" & few timely emails/month.


MAY 30, '09, Saturday, 5pm: ANNUAL "LET'S WRITE" CONTEST AWARDS DINNER was at Barnhill's Restaurant on U.S.Hwy.49 in Orange Grove, Gulfport, MS. North about 1 mile from the I-10 X Hwy.49. Dining optional, the buffet economical. Awards were announced. GUEST SPEAKER: James McGee, author of the book about the Talladega riots.

NEXT meetings are 2pm on last Saturdays in June, July & August.

APRIL 25, '09, Saturday GENERAL MEETING, 2pm: Orange Grove Library, on the west side of Hwy.49, N. Gulfport, about a mile north of the intersection of I-10.

MARCH 28, '09 (previous) meeting: At 2pm the ALICE MOSELEY MUSEUM came alive for a presentation by the late artist's son, Tim Moseley. At 214 BOOKTER St., BAY ST.LOUIS, in the 'Old Town' backatown area. Location is 4 blocks west of Mockingbird Cafe where we've met before. Several streets in 'Old Town' (center) are blocked by FEMA's road construction, plus South Beach Blvd. in BLOCKED in front of Our Lady of the Gulf Church & St.Stanislaus School--the Museum is one block behind St.Stanislaus School.

DIRECTIONS: The Alice Moseley's Museum & home is 100yds across from the front of BSL's train station. FROM HWY.90, TRAVELING WEST from the new high-rise bridge, take the 2nd LEFT (that's called "2nd St.") which has been newly paved (watch out for uneven pavement); go past 2 stop signs & across the R.R. tracks, to the dead end; turn RIGHT on UNION St., go 2 blocks, then LEFT. That is Bookter St., newly paved, also, and look for a place to park--the grass across from the Alice Moseley Museum is mostly for parking.

FROM HWY.90, TRAVELING EAST from Waveland, go past the Post Office several blocks to the next traffic light at Washington St. & turn RIGHT; go about a mile & turn LEFT at stop sign onto 'Old Spanish Trail'; after ~100yds. TURN RIGHT onto BOOKTER St. just past the Fire Dept. parking lots. Cross the R.R.tracks and the Museum is 2 blocks farther.

Previous Meeting: Saturday, Feb. 28th @2pm, Al Molnar gave a presentation of his book(s) at the Orange Grove Library, North Gulfport. He has had a long Navy career--check out his book on the official GCWA website.

Previously: January 31st, 2009 at 2pm, at the ORANGE GROVE LIBRARY on US Hwy.49, north of I-10 in North Gulfport. Diane Williams was the speaker.

Last '2008' meeting was 11/29/08, at Heaven Scent Cafe', 2-4pm, with Anne McKee of Meridian, MS, speaking about her book, "Pets Across America". Simultaneously at Barnes & Noble Books at Crossroads Shopping Center, Gulfport,Ruth White held a book signing, 1-4pm.

Oct. 25th there was a general meeting at ORANGE GROVE LIBRARY, N.Gulfport on US Hwy.49, versus Heaven Scents Cafe.

Previously: Saturday, 27 Sept.'08 at 2pm, there were 3 speakers at Heaven Scents Cafe on Menge Ave., just 200 yard north of the I-10 interchange. There were book signings of the GCWA Anthology, "Teacakes and Afternoon Tales", with book purchase.

Saturday, August 30, '08, at 2pm: Members, friends, writers, poets and wannabe's met at the usual location, Heaven Scents Cafe, at the MENGE AVE north to a small shopping center/strip mall.

By coming to GCWA meetings at the Cafe which is located just west of the center of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, you are essentially 'voting' to have future meetings here.


Saturday, July 26 at 2-4pm, we held our regular meeting at Heavens Scent Cafe with spontaneous optional 'short' readings, exchanging insights-on-getting- published, or finding an agent/editor, or how to sell our own print-on-demand books. Some ordered dinner, non-alc.beverages, and/or dessert; very casual dress was the norm(its mid-summer!), especially this far out in th' kountry. Directions are below.

SATURDAY, JUNE 21, 2008, 2pm at Heavens Scent Cafe was our general meeting. We needed several tables, some ordered menu items/beverages, and the Cafe was basically "ours". Heavens Scent Cafe is about 1/10th of a mile north of I-10 from the Menge Ave.-exit, which is ~10 miles on I-10 west of US Hwy.49.

The LET'S WRITE CONTEST AWARDS BANQUET was Sat.,31 May, 5-to-8pm. At the Royal Chinese Buffet, 12057 E. Hwy 49, Gulfport, next to K-Mart(w.side of 49). Mrs. Andrea Yeager, manager of the Gulfport Barnes & Noble was our speaker. A $13 buffet was optional, but most enjoyed it. About 25 members, visitors, and several winners attended. Pres.Phil reported that with the participation entry fees taken in and awards given, we just about covered all costs this year. Membership dues, etc., have our budget in-the-black.

Previousy: "SATURDAY",April 26th, 2008 was a general meeting at Heavens Scent Cafe at 2pm. Note the Date/Time changes from previous general meetings. Heavens Scent Cafe is about 1/10th mile north of Interstate 10 on Menge Ave., north of the Pass Christian exit/intersection, about 10 miles west from Gulfport, Mississippi. Check the GCWA Official webpage and select the "Calendar of Events".

On April 4-5th a WRITER'S RETREAT began with an evening of introductions and readings at the Mockingbird Cafe in Bay St.Louis, from 5-11pm. The Mockingbird Cafe located at '110 Second Street' across from the side of the Methodist Church at 2nd & Main Sts. There's construction near Hwy.90-part of 2nd St. and between Beach Blvd. & 2nd St. IF you are not familiar with 'Old Town' Bay St. Louis, you may find it simpler to take US90 to Main St. at the traffic light near the Shell Station & Burger King. Turn toward the Shell Station onto Main St., go to the '3rd intersection with a 4-way-stop' sign, and turn right 150 feet. There's a parking lot on each of 2 sides of Mockingbird Cafe; overflow parking (well lighted) is 200ft. past the Cafe in the church parking lot. SEE THE OFFICIAL GCWA WEBSITE FOR DETAILS:

At our 27 March meeting: Katrina Estes-Hill was the guest speaker, an author and story teller.

Previously: On 28 Feb. 2008, 6:30pm at Heavens Scent Cafe on Menge Ave., about 200 yards 'North' of the Interstate 10 ramps, at the first location in the strip mall past the gas station.

31 January 2008 Meeting: Al Molnar, an author of 5 adventure novels met with other GCWA members and visitors from Mobile,AL-area at the same location. Half of those present ordered a meal, and some of us had dessert or beverage. Al has been in the Navy for decades, working up into 'management' from his expertise in the intelligence area. His books, although fiction, are realistic.

Visit the official website for last minute details.

HOLIDAY PARTY was Wednesday, Dec.12, 2007, without be a regular business meeting this month. A dozen writers celebrated, meal included. Wish more had been there, but it was pleasant.

At "Bay Books" in Bay St.Louis (Main St., 1/2 block from Beach Blvd.), our member L.L.Lee had a book signing SATURDAY, 27 OCTOBER, 3-5pm. This event coincided with the "ARTS ALIVE" Festival; simultaneously, a collection of memorabilia, compositions, and especially poetry, dedicated to the memory of Mimi Heitzman.

Shortly afterwards there was the Premier Showing on the Mississippi Gulf Coast of the Hurricane Katrina documentary which includes your Prez & GCWA members. It has attracted wide recognition including 3 Telly Awards.

Previous Meeting: John Freeman spoke on poetry the last Thursday of Nov. at Heavens Scent Cafe. John resides in north Florida now and has been a member of GCWA many years. He has been a judge of our Let's Write Contest.

Previous Meeting: (Was) Thursday, 25 Oct.'07 at 6:30-8:30pm, at Heavens Scent Cafe, 1/10th mi. north on Menge Ave. from the interchange of I-10, about 10 miles west of Gulfport,MS. Its a HOLLOWEEN evening, so bring something scary to read, and dress appropriately 'in character' (if you like). If you arrive early, then the Cafe has a menu, meals, light fare, and desserts. Don't forget to check out those fantastic long-burning Heavens Scent candles, also available through

Previously: Thursday, 27 Sep.'07 at 6:30-8:30pm, there was a GUEST SPEAKER, Christine Lindblom, at the Heavens Scent Cafe on Menge Ave., just north of the Interstate 10 interchange. Subject: her professional service of reviewing books prior to submission to potential publishers. Very informative and helpful, lots of insider's advice--she also gave out her cards and criteria for reviewing manuscripts. We all gained by hearing the truth and facts about getting manuscripts accepted by today's publishers; even to get manuscripts read by someone in the publishing industry, instead of rejected or simply ignored. It was eye-opening, to say the least.

Previous Meeting: Thursday, 30 Aug.2007 at 6:30pm(until usually 8:30pm) at the same place as July, the HEAVEN SCENT CAFE on Menge Ave., near I-10, just 10 miles west of US Hwy.49, 1/10th mile north of I-10 interchange with Menge. DIRECTIONS SAME AS BELOW. Its a General Meeting.

Previous Meeting: Thursday, 6:30 pm, 26 July, at the Heavens Scents Cafe 1/10th mile north of I-10 at the Menge Ave. Exit (for Pass Christian). Our own Terry Miles, 5X published, spoke on "Dialog and Character Building".

Previous Meeting: Thursday, 28 June '07 at 7pm there was a monthly meeting at Heaven Scent Cafe on Menge Ave., just 1/10th mile north of the I-10 & Menge intersection.

There's less info. (as of 6/27@5pm) on the official website, but you might bring something that you're writing/composing (just in case there is an opportunity to read

The ANNUAL LET'S WRITE CONTEST AWARDS BANQUET was held 6:30pm-9pm, Thursday, May 31st, '07. Entertainment was by Mississippi Writers Guild. MWG members (in character) read famous Mississippi writers, in the authors' style of speaking.

We gathered at SOUTHERN TRADITIONS restaurant, a few miles north of Interstate 10 on "Hwy.67". Several new people were present and some winners read their entries. It was a very nice banquet with the buffet, too. Look for the winning entries to appear in the Magnolia Quarterly. Send in your dues to keep the GCWA alive and well. The Contest entry fees more than balanced the expenses and awards.

PREVIOUSLY: Thurs., 26 April '07, 6:30pm(NOTE: 1/2Hr. EARLIER), at HeavenScent Cafe (directions below). We had readings (up to 5 min. each but some longer) and announcements. Plans were made for the "Let's Write Contest Awards Banquet to be held again at the Southern Traditions (restaurant), Woolmarket, MS restaurant on Hwy.67, where we had it last year.

DIRECTIONS TO: HEAVEN'S SCENT CAFE, 1/10th mile north of the "Menge Ave.exit of I-10". Its about 10 mi.west of the US49 & I-10 intersection. A Landmark to look for: Texaco gas station (was once a Stucky's Texaco) on the south side. Members from the west side of Gulfport to Hancock Co. should attend 'especially', to show support for the closer proximity of the meeting.

Our March meeting at Heaven's Scent Cafe was very well attended (by 17-20?). It seems we will be tolerated even if meals are not purchased, but they have good kountry cookin' if you care to partake. Also, they sell Heaven's Scent 'CANDLES' of very interesting custom-made varieties of scents.

VISIT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR GCWA '' Previous & 'Last meeting at Blow Fly Inn' was Thurs., Feb. 22, 2007 at 7pm. Next meeting will be at a new place (for GCWA), Heaven Scent Cafe

At our JANUARY 25th meeting, Thursday, 7pm., at the Blow Fly Inn (restaurant) on US Hwy.49, we had two new writers join the GCWA. After a round of self- introductions we had a brief business meeting. Dr. Philip Levin went through the announcements, the info. on the upcoming "Let's Write Contest"(beginning already, Feb.15th), and the request for suggested new places we might meet. Even though Thursday evening is rather 'slow' at the Blow Fly Inn, we did not order enough 'food & drinks' to allow the manager to tie up the meeting room. Sorry! These writers and poets are more interested in our craft than food.

CRITIQUE Groups meet once or twice per month, or whenever two or more want to. Visit the official website, and click on the Calendar to see.

CHRISTMAS PARTY was Thursday, Dec.14,2006 at 7pm: Blow-Fly Inn Restaurant in the Holiday Inn, a mile from the Gulfport-Biloxi Airport. Most brought a wrapped gift (supposed to be under $10) to participate in the random drawing for presents.

Previous Meeting: Thurs., 30 Nov. at 7pm., at the Blow Fly Inn (restaurant) inside of the Holiday Inn just south of I-10 on US Hwy.49. This is about a mile from the Gulfport-Biloxi Airport, situated in a line of chain motels &restaurants. Be careful crossing US 49 or making turns from the center lane due to the roadway being about 8 or 9 lanes wide and known for numerous wrecks.


Previous Meeting: Thurs., 28 Sep.2006 at 7pm, author John Francois spoke about writing his historical novels at the Holiday Inn on US Hwy.49 just south of the intersection with Interstate 10 in Gulfport,MS. We met in the 'Blow Fly' restaurant. Dinner is not included--and may distract you from speaker. ALSO: Plan for the Oct.14-15 WORKSHOP with Mike Garret on screen writing, self-publishing, and creating your novel. There is a fee for this one!

More WORKSHOP info:

Previous Meeting: On Thurs., 31 August 2006 at 7pm, some brought photos and showed them for our Hurricane Katrina Party. I guess we celebrated that it has already been a year since the disaster; hopefully it will be many, many more years or never again.

On Thurs., July 27th, 2006 at 7pm, John Freeman spoke. John is an author, extensively published, and has been a long-term member and a Let's Write Contest judge. We were at our present/usual meeting spot in Gulfport,MS: The Holiday Inn on US Hwy.49 just south of the intersection of I-10(just a few miles from the airport).

Directions: Within the Holiday Inn we usually meet in the 'Blow Fly Inn'(the restaurant is named for a former 1980's "Inn").

Be careful: That mile of US 49 has had the dubious distinction of being the 2nd most accident prone location in Mississippi, partly because the undivided paved roadway is about 8 lanes wide. There's a painted turning lane in the center for cars coming from both directions, or, if you are coming from I-10(or heading south on '49') stay in the right-most thru lane at traffic lights.

MEETING: Thurs., June 29th, 7pm, at BLOW FLY INN 'inside'the Holiday Inn-Gulfport, on US Hwy.49, less than 1/2-mile south of the intersection with Interstate 10, i.e. between I-10 and the Gulfport Airport turnoff on the west side of Hwy.49.

CRITIQUE GROUP has been meeting at Barnes & Noble Bookstore-Cafe alternate Sundays at 2pm, June 11th & 25th, July 9th & 23rd, and all interested should RSVP to be sure. More Info: and/or send email to

"LET's WRITE CONTEST" AWARDS BANQUET was Thursday, May 25th, 7-9pm, at SOUTHERN TRADITIONS Restaurant, Woolmarket, MS. North of Interstate 10, from Exit 41-N, on Hwy.67 about 3 miles. Dinner was only $10, buffet style. Our President had winners read their poems and brief short stories. Leslie & Don of FilmAmericana, from Los Angeles area, gave a presentation and invited those present to help them scout locations for a film about the after effects of Hurricane Katrina on writers and the arts communities on the MS Gulf Coast.

CRITIQUE SESSION: Sunday, May 14th at 2:30pm, in Saucier,MS (off US49). Contact Philip Levin,M.D. for detailed directions

Previous meeting was Thursday, April 27, '06 at 7pm, in the Blow Fly Restaurant at the Holiday Inn(US49) near the Gulfport-Biloxi Airport; details at There was a Critique Session on May 14th at 2:30pm.

MEETING (with option of ordering from menu): Thursday, March 30, 2006 @7pm, was at O'Charley's Restaurant just north of Interstate 10 off US Hwy.49 in North Gulfport,MS.


Bytheway, the IRS & MS/LA have extended 'tax filing deadlines' to August for counties/parishes in the President's declared Hurricane Disaster Areas. Those who usually file their tax forms ('late') can INSTEAD complete and postmark their entries for the Let's Write Contest--keeping 'late filers' on track in either case.

February's meeting was cancelled due to lack of a central location to meet. If you can find one for our March meeting, contact an officer of the association so that they can make arrangements and get the notices/directions to members. Regular meetings of the GCWA are usually on the 4th Thursdays, 7pm, in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Contact Phil Levin via

To see events & contest deadlines & the latest visit

Here's something of mutual interest and happening in Meridian,MS:


January 21, 2006



at The Daily Grind, 4820 Poplar Springs Drive, Meridian, MS PUBLIC WELCOME TO COME AND ENJOY ALL LITERARY ARTISTS PERFORM THEIR OWN PIECES NO CHARGE Authors, songwriters, playwrights, and poets interested in participating in one or both events, please contact Richelle Putnam, 601/482-4121 or 601/880-1089, or email _richput@mywebemail.net_ (


Get it Postmarked by Dec.1st,2005

Katrina Recovery, Open House, Holiday, Writers Association, Emergency Room, Relatives & Friends Gathering


Wednesday, December 14th.

5 PM to Midnight The home of Kathryn Culver and Philip Levin 18029 Lake Breeze Dr. – Saucier, MS 39574 - 831.0042

Directions: North on 49 at I-10 intersection. Go 8 miles turn left on Wortham (at the Chevron - no light).

Go 1 mile turn Left, on Robinwood East, two streets past the railroad crossing.

Go 0.3 miles, turn Right, at the 2nd Lake Breeze Dr.

The Leven's house is the 4th on the left.


1. Beer and wine provided.

2. Bring a designated driver.

3. We live on a lake.

Thurs., Nov.27th, 2005: We returned to meet at The Coffee House


The 'survivors' and displaced should contact Victoria Olson:

Due to Hurricane Katrina the GCWA will not meet at The Coffee House. More on this will eventually be updated on the official site when we can do it.

August 25th, 2005(the 4th Thursday), 7pm: Met at The Coffee House on in old dowtown Gulfport (directions below). Robyn Jackson, author of Lakota Moon, spoke about her next book and the ins-&-outs of self publishing.

Postponed indefinitely: the South Branch of the Mississippi Poetry Society meeting Sunday, Sept 11th in Gautier at 2pm. For details go to '' (or another search engine) and select the directory web site for the "National Association of State Poetry Societies", then select "Mississippi Poetry Society"(South Branch).

When updated find more information and details at ''

Thursday, 28 July at 7pm, at The Coffee House, one block down 13th Street from the front of the Main Gulfport Post Office(the P.O. is on US 49, one block off US 90) it was OPEN MIC NITE. People read their stuff, poems, or "short" portions of their prose, book or other original writing.

Thursday, 30 June 2005, at 'The Coffee House',quoting the Gulf Coast Writers Association Official Announcement: "Melina Rimassa-Merrill -- president of ISIS Films, a New Orleans based film production company. She came here after a successful career in Hollywood, so she has all the contacts out there. The reason for her move? She married a Louisiana boy. She discussed the film industry 'presence' at the local (New Orleans) level and how local writers can participate in an expanding opportunity."

Previous Big Event: The LET'S WRITE CONTEST AWARDS BANQUET! Thurs., 26 May, 6-9pm: "Natalie Campon" of our ABC TV-affiliate station, WLOX, was our guest speaker. The annual event was held at "Ryan's Steak House", located at 2400 Beach Drive, about- 100-feet-off-of-and-parallel-to US Hwy.90 in (southeast) Gulfport.

Previous Regular Meeting: Thurs., April 28th, 2005 at 7pm: English professor Tommy Snell made his 'Creative Writing' presentation at The Coffee House, 2511 13th St., Gulfport, MS. There was also election of the next Board of Directors by the members present.

APRIL 15th wass the deadline for 2 things, one ominous and the other a prelude to greatness: The best was the latter, the "Let's Write Contest" deadline, to get you motivated and rushing for a constructive goal, writing; the ominous deadline was the plague of our free country for about 80 years, the IRS.

Thurs., March 31st, 2005 at 7pm: Al Molnar of FOX25-TV presented an idea for a GCWA weekly TV show. Then 5 minute 'readings' were given by members who brought some of their writing. We met at The Coffee House, 2511 13th St., in old downtown Gulfport, about 100yards west of the front of the main Post Office (50yards off US.Hwy.49) and one block north of US.Hwy.90 intersection.

Check the main website '' for other events, and check it 'often' because there have been (and will be) one or more happenings, signings, and even public relations/advertising OPPORTUNITIES for authors with books or stories to sell (in beetweeeen meetings).

24 Feb.'05 @ 7pm meeting will be on PLAY WRITING and Lee Green Pope will introduce newly published author of "The Fifth Sun", Mary Helen Lagasse. See directions to The Coffee House in Gulfport(below), and visit the official website at ''

RSVP by Feb.9th if 'your' book is about to be published! There will be a special "Morning Coffee & Marketing Meeting" on Feb.12th: Send your RSVP to '' as soon as possible. Find out more about this at ''

The LET'S WRITE CONTEST began Jan.15th and deadline will be April 15, that fateful tax day, no inconvenience for you if you GET YOUR ENTRY IN THE MAIL TO THE GULF COAST WRITERS ASSOCIATION early. Use the GCWA address above.

Get details at '' by clicking 'on' the "Calendar of Events" on the righthand side of first webpage, and clicking 'on' the JANUARY 15 contest announcement link.

On 27 January 2005, Thursday at 7pm. we met at 'The Coffee House', 2511 23th St., Gulfport,MS, one block north of US Hwy.90 and a short block off of Hwy.49 within 100yards of the Main Post Office building. Topic was "RESEARCH": speakers were authors Tommie Thompson and Nicholas Edwards.

Our CHRISTMAS PARTY was held at the Legacy Oaks Apartments 'Community Room', at 2252 Beach Blvd.(near Ryan's Steakhouse) just past DeBuys Rd., Gulfport,MS. Nancy Beeler helped coordinate and members/guests brought covered dish items for a buffet. Many brought wrapped gifts (up to $10) to participate in the random drawing to exchange gifts.

November Meeting: Two recently published authors spoke at the regular meeting 11/18/04: 6-9pm at 'The Coffee House', Gulfport, at 2511 13th Street, in old downtown a block from the main US Post Office, which is 1 block off of Hwy.90 at Hwy.49, then go a short block west on 13th St. DINNER was optional, available for $5.95.

On Thursday, 28 Oct. 2004@ 7pm, it was Open Mike Nite for scary stories and costumes! Same place, 'The Coffee House'.

Thurs., 30 Sep.2004, 7pm: SONG WRITING with Beau and Melissa Comeaux and Sammy Douglas. At 'The Coffee House'.

Thurs., 26 Aug.,7pm: Just published author Terry Miles spoke about the task of writing, rewriting, editing and, above all, getting published. Her novel: "I'll Love You Till You Die". Same place: "The Coffee House", 2511 13th St., one block west of US Hwy.49 and just one block north of US Hwy.90 in old, downtown Gulfport(1/2block from the main Post Office that's on US 49). For more GCWA info. log onto ''

July 29, 2004 @ 7pm was "OPEN MIC NITE"! People brought some poetry or a brief excerpt of their prose to read. There was also a regular meeting for old/new information/business of GCWA. All at the The Coffee House.

June 24(Thurs.) at 7pm our member, Debbie Brown(a.k.a. Deborah LeBlanc), spoke about new her novel, "Family Inheritance", published by Dorchester. She writes under her pen name, Debbie LeBlanc, weaving mysteries of Louisiana folklore. Meeting was at The Coffee House in old downtown Gulfport: 2511 13th St., one block west of the main Gulfport Post Office, one block north of US Hwy. 90.

May 27, at 6:30pm: ANNUAL BANQUET: Mr. Barr McClellan, author of "Blood, Money & Power: How LBJ Killed JFK", was our featured speaker. The "Let's Write Contest" AWARDS were announced. The event was well attended at The Coffee House in the adjoining dining room. WLOX(ABC)-TV covered part of the banquet and showed a few highlights on the 10pm news.

Thurs., 29 April 2004 at 7pm: Nancy Beeler presented information on 'POD' or Print-On-Demand Publishing and Self-Publishing when we met at The Coffee House, 2511 13th St., in downtown Gulfport. The meeting was well attended with more than a dozen published authors(I lost count over 10). Members, like Nancy, who were active in GCWA years ago are returning; she has been published and recounted her experiences; others added their personal insights,too.

Thursday, 7pm, 25 March: Authors of "The Bool of Druthers", Ms.Aldy, Allred, Cook, Smith and Stroud (billing themselves 'The Druthers Sisters'), presented their book at "The Coffee House" in downtown Gulfport. The next gathering like this will be Thurs., April 29, same time & place, for Nancy Beeler, talking on self-publishing.

Thursday, 7pm, 26 Feb.2004: Mary Ellen Gavin, our guest speaker, told us about Writers Groups around the US. Mike and Terry Gavin, screenwriters, answered questions about their craft and spoke on what Hollywood is looking for. SAME LOCATION, in the second block of 13th '2511', just off of US Hwy.49, one block North of US Hwy.90.

The January 22nd meeting (Thurs.) was at the Coffee House located at 2511 13th St. in downtown Gulfport, about 2 blocks west of US Hwy.49 and the main Post Office (1 block north of US 90 intersection). Speakers are Scott Naugle and Kristen Twedt. The Coffee House is just up from Digital Den where we previously met.

The 20 Nov.2003 meeting was at 7pm in Gulfport at the "Digital Den" (2604 13th St.).

The CHRISTMAS PARTY was Thursday, Dec.11, 6-9pm at Diamondhead,MS, at the Diamondhead Community Center. Mr.Barr McClelen attended, author of the current controversial book, "Blood, Money and Power: How L.B.J. killed J.F.K.". Little gifts were exchanged and festivities enjoyed.

DIRECTIONS to Diamondhead: From Louisiana, take Interstate 10, about the 3rd exit east of the Louisiana/MS state line. From US Hwy.90, about 5 miles (via Hwy.603) north of Bay St.Louis, or about 15 miles from Gulfport, easily reached by Interstate 10.

A book fair was held Sat.,Dec.13, at LadyBug Books in Picayune, with authors signing their books.

The Thurs., 23 Oct.'03 meeting was a 'Field Trip' to our new branch of GCWA: 'LadyBug Books' 1706 E.Canal St., Picayune,MS. For details see the main website. Attending writers and wannabee's got together. Additional gatherings at 'LadyBug Books' will usually be on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Tuesdays. Check out '' for more info., or stop by the shop on the east side of the Interstate 59 crossover of East Canal St. (E.Canal merges/splits from Hwy43 near a gas station on the east side of Picayune.)

Previous Thurs. Gulfport meeting , 25 Sept.,was at 2604 13th St., was at the "Digital Den". Fred Prince and Victoria Olsen presented the talent we all admire and need: The Art of Critique. This was the kickoff of the Fall season which also heralds separate Critique Sessions in neighboring towns. See '' for information on new affiliates/branches of GCWA.

In PICAYUNE some members are meeting at LADYBUG BOOKS on Tues.,30 Sept. at 7pm when David Holston, formerly of the Oklahoma City Police Force, will speak on writing believable crime stories, starting with crime scene reports an all! Please RSVP the shop via the '' website or call them directly by 25 Sept.2003 as space is limited for this event.

In BAY ST.LOUIS, usually 6:30-8pm on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays(when you can't make the GCWA monthly meeting in downtown Gulfport, there's a small group of poets and prose writers, plus 1 or 2 that do non-fiction of various sorts, who meet at DA BEACH HOUSE, 600+ South Beach Blvd., 100 feet from Washington St. Bring some favorite to read, your own musings or others! This is very informal.

The previous meeting was 21 August 2003, 7pm, the '4th-Thursday-of-the-month' at "The 13th Street Gallery", 2608 Thirteenth St., Gulfport. This is one block north of US Hwy.90, in the 2nd block west of US Hwy.49. IF coming from US Hwy.49, turn west at the Main Post Office('away' from P.O.) and 2608 is on your right in the 2nd block on 13th St. The speaker was Margret Hooper of 'The Learning Center', and her topic: "Writing Reduces Bad Behavior". The GCWA Critique Group starts meeting again in September.

At our July 24th meeting on Thursday at 7pm, we met for the first time at a new location (instead of at the Barnes&Noble Cafe). Our new President, Elaine Stevens introduced the speaker, Andrea Yeager, Food Columnist for the Gulfport-Biloxi Sun-Herald and Delta Democrat Times newspapers, and for Southern Breeze Magazine. Ms.Yeager owns "Andre's Annex: Gourmet Products & Kitchenware".

JUNE MEETING BEGINNING NEW ADMINISTRATIVE YEAR: Thursday, 26 June 2003, 7pm at Barnes and Noble's Cafe, the guest speaker, Dr.Thomas Yarnell, Clinical Psychologist, spoke about Creativity, Overcoming Writers Block, and his new book.

There is now an "Executive Board" structure instead of only a Pres., VP, Sec., and Treas. form of the past 15+ years. Hopefully this will provide better transition from one set of officers to the next.

LET'S WRITE CONTEST AWARDS BANQUET was Thursday, May 20th 2003 at 6:30pm; Victoria Olsen presided over this annual Gulf Coast Writers Association function. See their website '' for results. AWARDS BANQUET PHOTOS, winning poetry and prose are at the official website: and more will be published in the Magnolia Quarterly. Make sure your dues are paid up, which include the Magnolia Quarterly. For a reduced amount you can subscribe to the Magnolia Quarterly without joining(if you live more than a hundred miles away or cannot make a mid-week evening meetings). The Banquet was held at O'Charley's Restaurant at Edgewater Mall on US Hwy.90 this year. This was our biggest social event of the year (thus far).

The previous Critique Session was May 3rd at Hancock Co.Library in Kiln,MS. Directions to CS's are below and at the official '' website.

April 24th 7pm: OPEN MIKE NITE with Gary Spencer Smith as the MC was at Barnes & Noble Bookstore Cafe. A brief meeting included nomination of a slate of officers for the election to occur at the 4th Thurs. of May meeting. New officers (or re-elected ones) will take over in preparation for the 4th Thursday in June meeting. Check the 'Official GCWA Website' at ''

The LET'S WRITE CONTEST Awards Banquette will be 22 May at O'Charley's in Gulfport,MS at 6:30pm. RSVP care of the '' website and Victoria!

Saturday, April 5th at 10am, there was a fiction/non-fiction Critique Session at the Hancock Co.Library in KILN, MS. See directions below, or at the '' website; location is several miles north of Interstate 10 on MS Hwy.603 (that's the exit just west of Diamondhead,MS), and about a quarter to a half-mile north of the traffic light at Dolly's Quickstop (gas station). Critique Sessions are free and the library is a like-new facility.

Previous regular meeting was Thurs., March 27th, at 7pm in the N.Gulfport Barnes & Noble Bookstore Cafe. It was an "Open Mike Night" & social gathering!

On March 22 at 10am there was another Critique Session at the Kiln Library. Primary interest was Fiction/Non-Fiction excerpts, discussed from copies supplied by writers and wannabees.

'Let's Write Contest' AWARDS BANQUET: Thurs., May 22, 2003 (usually 6:30pm) at a restaurant to-be-announced.

MARCH 8 at 10am there was be a Critique Session for anyone interested at the Kiln Library, about 1/4 mile north of the traffic light at Dolly's Quickstop on Hwy.603(on west side). To reach Kiln, MS, take the Interstate 10 exit for Hwy.603(&Hwy.43) that is several miles west of the Diamondhead Exit; if coming from Louisiana on I-10 it is the first exit east of the Stennis Space Center exit (about 10 miles east of the MS Welcome Center).

From I-10 exit ramps, head 'North' a few miles (Hwy.603 narrows to 2 lanes), and you will come to the principle 'traffic light' of the Kiln at Dolly's Quick Stop (gas station).

PLAYWRITING WORKSHOP: On March 16th at 2pm, at the Gulfport Little Theater, Mark Dunn will teach a 2-hour Playwriting Workshop. Inquire of our member, Bob Daniels at '' Mark's credentials are available on the '/mark_dunn.htm' (page) of the GCWA Official Website. To reach it directly: '' He is a real professional at this! Price is $25, but check the Official website or Bob Daniels for exact details/amount.

DEADLINE FOR THE "LET'S WRITE CONTEST" IS EXTENDED TO APRIL 15 ('postmarked' by that date). Check out the official '' website for rules or ask a member. Some highschool English Department teachers may know of the contest and the rules. Ask at the official website for sure.

Previous Regular Meeting was Thurs., Feb.27,2003 at 7pm, Barnes & Noble Bookstore Cafe, in the new Crossroads Shopping Center on NW-corner of I-10 & US 49 intersection.

JOIN US AND YOU WILL RECEIVE: 1."The Magnolia Quarterly" where you also can be 'published'; 2.announcements of meetings and events; 3. identification with an outstanding forum that's approaching 20 years of success; 4. opportunity to list your manuscript on our website(check it out); 5. opportunities for attending (free) Critique Sessions usually on alternate Saturdays.

Previous Speaker was Renae Battaglia, who started "Gulf Coast Arts & Entertainment Review" in 1997. Before that she was from Oklahoma City,OK, where she was editor for "Sweet Life Magazine" and wrote for numerous magazines including "TV Guide". She was a Communications major with emphasis on Creative Writing.

Check out the details at ''.

Find out about the response to our "Let's Write Contest" for 2003. Awards will be in May.

Jan.23, 2003 meeting was at 7pm in the Cafe at Barnes & Noble Bookstore Cafe, Crossroads Shopping Center, N.Gulfport. Program: Dr.Yarnell, author and clinical psychologist. Subject was 'Expand Your Creativity' (and avoid writer's block). Victoria had some news!

LOCATION: On the north side of Interstate 10 near US Hwy.49 expressway interchange turn east at either of the 2 traffic lights imediately north of I-10 ramps and you will find it.

MARCH meeting will be on the 27th,a Thursday @7pm. More on event or speaker later.

POSTPONED: "SOUTHERN EXPRESSIONS" WRITERS CONFERENCE: Pre-registration did not get enough attention and sign ups, yet. Check out any further news at ''

XMAS PARTY: Thurs., Dec.12, so it did not interfere with holiday plans closer to the holidays. Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Shalom! May Buddha smile upon you(unless you are he), then just smile! INVITATIONS IN THE MAGNOLIA QUARTERLY. It was at the home of Wilma Knox.

Mon., Dec.2nd, 6pm at the Cafe inside of Barnes & Noble Bookstore: Those wishing to volunteer and take part in the "SOUTHERN EXPRESSIONS" writing conference attended a planning meeting. Many members will help make this an exciting and very worthwhile experience, Feb.'03 at the Grand Casino Hotel, Gulfport.

Thursday, 24 Oct., 7pm: Sharon Henson and Mike Gradebled spoke at this meeting on "Writing Biographies" (and getting them published). Same place: The coffee shop area in the front portion of Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Crossroads Shopping Center, on the northside (adjoining) of Interstate 10 at US Hwy.90, northern suburb of Gulfport,MS. The coffee shop has many more things than just coffee.

November Meeting will be Thurs.,Nov.14, 7pm at Barnes & Noble Bookstore. OPEN MIC NITE! Bring something for a maximum reading time of 5 minutes.

Historically, our "4th Thursday" meeting pattern changes in Nov./Dec. due to the usual conflict with Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays (travel & conflict with other parties/events/etc.):

December 12th is our Xmas Gathering, place and venue to be announced.

EACH MONTH ON THE 3rd WEDNESDAY: There's a monthly poetry meeting in Bay St.Louis! Several members helped start it on Oct.16 at Le Coffee Cafe (middle of 1st block of Court Street near City Hall Annex). More Info? Contact Gail at ''. Bring your best, or bring some favorites to read in a round robin fashion, or just come to hear and appreciate others. FIRST MEETING will be a WORKSHOP. Court Street is a short one, one-way from South Beach Blvd., the closest street to the R.R.tracks across from "The Good Life" lounge. (1/2 block down Court St. from the rear of the County Court House--that fronts on Main St.)

Recently there was a WORKSHOP! Sat., Sept.21, 12:30-3:30pm, at Bay Saint Louis, in the Hancock County Library at 312 US Hwy 90, within sight of the TEXACO station. The workshop was on Critiques of others' work, or how to understand critiques of your writing.

The Sept. meeting was canceled due to threat of Tropical Storm on Thursday, 7pm, Sept.26, at Barnes and Noble Bookstore, but check with the Official GulF Coast Writers Association website at

On Thurs., 22 Aug. 2002, 7pm, we met at Barnes and Noble Bookstore, Crossroads (Shopping) Center, just north of Interstate 10 and the intersection with US Hwy 49 in the northern part of Gulfport, MS. Wilma Knox and Kristen Tweed gave presentations about their writing experience, including getting published.

Previous meeting was Thurs., 25 July 2002, 7pm: Mr.Scott Hawkins, responsible for the "Neighbors" insert section of the Sun-Hearld, gave a presentation. It was a great time for wannabees to hear how to get into journalism by example. Sage advice, too!

Same time and place; see directions below. Also, go VISIT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE at for last minute changes and to see all about GCWA and our present members' books in print.

Previous meeting was 4th Thurs., 27 June, 2002 at 7-9pm. Our new officers introduced themselves. There were presentation of plans, networking and activities discussion. See the official website for details ''

DIRECTIONS: We'll see you at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Crossroads Center, on the northwest corner of Interstate-10 and US Hwy.49 intersection. Access is from US Hwy.49 at either of the first 2 traffic lights on the north side of I-10.

Meet in the coffee shop that has snacks and things inside the front of Barnes & Noble.

At our May 23rd meeting, Mr. George Thatcher spoke on his experience as a writer. For decades he has written the short beach column in the "Sun-Herald". He was editor of the "Dixie Press" in the 1960's. The next entry has directions to the Barnes & Noble Bookstore. See you in the 'Cafe' seating area just inside the front of the store.

The 25 APRIL 2002 ('4th Thursday') MEETING was an OPEN MIKE NIGHT! This event was especially appropriate for writers to read aloud with feeling. THIS EVENT, scheduled at least twice-a-year, is so popular that there has to be a time limit. We met at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore at Crossroads Center, the newest shopping center on the northeast side of the US Hwy.49-intersection-with-Interstate 10, in North Gulfport, accessed off of Hwy 49 by either of the two traffic lights that are closest to the north side of the interstate.

APRIL 23: 1p.m. at the Hancock County Library in Bay St.Louis, 312 US Hwy.90 on the adjoining (parallel) service road, about 3 buildings down from the MS Power Bldg. on the same block. The Seminar(speaker+Q&A) Series was on the VERY current subject of "SELF-PUBLISHING", by our own "DAN ELLIS", completing his second dozen of self-published books. We need to do this again and again.


The AWARDS BANQUET of the 14th Annual LET'S WRITE CONTEST, was THURS., March 28th. Beginning soon after 6:30pm, about 50 members, winners and guests had the buffet. GCWA President Dan Ellis made announcements and gave credits for the success of the contest, and roses for Victoria Olsen who has done extra duty for months relative to the Magnolia Quarterly and helpin with the contest. Cindy, our chairperson for the LETS WRITE CONTEST was introduced by Dan for the Awards. The restaurant, Choung's Garden on Hwy.49 across from the Gulfport Airport's access road, was relatively busy, but we were able to get through the huge buffet serving area and have dinner, and start introducing people by 7:30pm. Numerous winners attended, even a student drove down from Starkville, MS.

The significant part of the Awards Ceremony, with announcements of winners and cere-money, 3 awards for each of 5 catagories of entries, was complete by 8:30. There were some 'readings' of the very excellent poems (and an excerpt of prose?). A VERY SPECIAL POEM WAS PRESENTED, SUBMITTED BY A YOUNG PERSON WHO WAS KILLED IN A CAR ACCIDENT MONTHS AGO. All the winners or their parents or teacher or telephone answering devices were notified, more than half were at the LETS WRITE CONTEST AWARDS BANQUET. Those not there receive their awards by mail as soon as possible.

LOCATION: CHOUNG's GARDEN: Tel.(228)868-7288(a brand new place in a new building), south of the Interstate 10 intersection on US Hwy.49, near Toucans, Rex(TVandAppliances)and CITGO, just down from the big new-car dealerships, across from the turnoff to the Gulfport Airport.

Choung's Garden 9131 Highway 49 Gulfport MS 228-868-7288

To the north it is like 'motel row', including Shoney's and the other major chain motels. Check again at our official site

Pat & Ernest Pinson spoke at Barnes & Noble Bookstore in the coffeeshop, at our regular meeting, Thurs., Feb.28,2002, 7-9pm. Pat, the Curator of the Walter Anderson Museum (Ocean Springs,MS), spoke on the 'writings' of Walter Andersen, some 90 journals that compliment his thousands of drawings, watercolors and paintings. Ernest, a professor of English, spoke on his recent 3 yr.teaching assignment near Nanking, China. 25+ attendees asked many questions of both, and later there were small groups continuing to discuss things with the speakers. The B&N Bookstore is in the Crossroads (shopping) Center.

Writers' seminar was Tues., Feb.19,1:30pm at the Hancock County Library in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi. The speaker was the author of "Crew",his personal story of the very, very, very long sailing voyage. It was in the Conference Room just inside the Ulman Street entrance.

For first timers, the Bay St.Louis Library is visible from US Hwy.90 about 3 buildings from the much larger, 2-story, red brick Mississippi Power Co. building, in the same block, "in sight of" the Texaco Service Station on the opposite side of Hwy.90. Be careful when turning & crossing US Hwy.90 to the service drive next to it.

If you are heading west to Bay St.Louis on Hwy.90, you are near the Library (and the Texaco Station) after you pass through the 2nd major intersection with traffic lights.

Thursday, Jan.24th, Mr. Stan Tiner, Executive Editor and VP of The Sun-Herald was our guest speaker. Almost every seat was taken early at the Cafe inside the front of B & N Bookstore! The talk was from the heart, about how he started writing in high school, then was told to send a true story (that he based on interviews) to his home-town newspaper, from his unit of Marines in Viet Nam. ENTRIES INTO THE GCWA P.O.Box CLOSE WITH A POSTMARK ON FEB.15th FOR THE LET'S WRITE CONTEST!

READ BELOW FOR THE 2001 (& prior) ANNOUNCEMENTS/RESULTS OF GCWA MEETINGS: (These have not been significantly edited since soon after each meeting.) PAST MEETINGS

The Christmas Party, Thurs.,Dec.13th, 7-9pm was at Shoneys on US Hwy.49, in Gulfport--within a 1/2 mile 'south' of the Interstate 10 intersection. Where wuz y'all?! The small group that attended with President Dan and a few regular troops heard some poetry, a Wall Street Journal article (insights on writing) and a chapter of a novel based on historical facts (and 'what if' Lincoln had been killed well 'before' the 1864 election?). Discussions almost kept us there twice as long. You shoulda been there!

Check into our main website '' for more details.

Last Nov.: Poet and author John Freeman spoke at regular meeting,Thurs., 15 Nov. The event was well attended and all were rewarded by the presentation.

GENERALLY: The meetings are at Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Coffee Shop in the front of the store, at the Crossroads Shopping Center, 7pm, on 4th Thursdays EXCEPT in Nov. and Dec., when 3rd & 2nd Thurs. gatherings keep GCWA clear of the holidays. The Nov. meeting is held a week earlier than usual due to the conflict with Thanksgiving Holiday. The Christmas Gathering of GCWA sometimes has entertainment, sometimes we entertain ourselves, etc., but is usually held on or about the 2nd Thursday of Dec.

UNTIL FEB.15th: The LET'S WRITE CONTEST is actively being advertised in schools and public places now. Posters and page-size fliers with rules on reverse side are available from Members-At-Large, and at meetings and seminars of GCWA. Please help by adopting a school, cordially contacting principal or English teachers, and helping coordinate the news of the opportunity that the contest presents. Hopefully all book stores and hang-outs of poets and writers will be reached.

Pres. Dan Ellis runs a 'tight ship', goes through the GCWA business and plans quickly at the prompt beginning of each meeting. This allows the maximum focus of the meeting on our speaker, so be there a little early. Browse the ample bookshelves if you are early, but get your refreshments just before 7pm if you can. This will be a great opportunity for poets and wannabees!

Lori Murphy, owner-editor of "INSIDE NORTHSIDE" magazine spoke to members, several 'new' members and visitors at the SEMINAR, Tues., 13 Nov. We met in the conference room of the Bay St.Louis--Hancock County Library near US Hwy.90. She is looking for submissions that are appropriate for families, with emphasis on our local history, cultural and social events, and general interest along the Baton Rouge-to-Gulf Shores region of SE-LA, SE-MS and SW-AL. She has a polished glossy magazine with 30,000-copy distribution system. These are delivered to middle-income homes, hospitals, medical/dental community, etc., and generally to families with school-aged to college-aged children. They are doing 6 issues per year, with an absolute deadline of the 10th of the month before publication. The next deadlines will be 10 Jan. (Feb/Mar. issue) and 10 Mar. (Apr./May issue). Since this is mostly a call for non-fiction, even embellished personal experiences of real events, outright fiction (probably rated 'G', but not far into the 'PG' subject matter) probably requires a query letter, so not to waste time of both editor and writers of 'PG-14'&'R' stuff. Poetry about or stemming from our region may have a good reception with Lori. Upcoming current events and 'profiles' of notables are especially welcome.

The previous regular meeting was 25 October at 7pm., in the Barnes & Noble Bookstore--Coffee Shop, Crossroads Center, North Gulfport. Elizabeth Ann Smith, President of the Romance Writers Association in Mobile, AL spoke to over 20 members and wannabees. Further planning is in the pipeline for the Christmas Party and our budget seems to be sustaining itself to the end of the year. All applaud Dan's and Victoria's and their officers efforts.

We will have information to hand out about the "LET'S WRITE CONTEST", Nov.15, for all of you to help get the word out to the general public. Please plan to be there, carpool with other members if you can, and help each other get to this important meeting, to meet, trade notes and secrets of the poets' and writers' craft, and get the pep-talk on how to spread the word about the contest.

Tuesday, Nov.13, 2001,@1pm, will be our next seminar at the Hancock County Library in Bay Saint Louis, and the session will be lead by Lori Murphy, editor of "Inside Northside", a periodical covering topics of interest principally in the 'North Shore' area, the suburban parishes of New Orleans, St.Tammany & Tangipahoa. She requests submissions from GCWA members, and will present the publication's focus and suggestions for all interested. A great opportunity for you writers!

Think about Dan's idea that we should each "adopt a school". Several of us could even get together to lobby school Administrators/teachers, to get their teachers interested in supporting the "Let's Write Contest", and have students participate. Dan will additionally present the case for a 2 or 3 day writers' conference, with speakers, presentations, seminars, etc., etc.(possibly soon after the March 'Awards Banquet' of the "Let's Write Contest". Come express your ideas, too!

On the ("4th Thursday") 27th of September, 2001, GCWA members met at Barnes & Noble Bookstore's 'Cafe', at 7pm. It was the ever popular "OPEN MIC NITE", for readings/recitations (up to 5 minutes per person). Read more about the latest happenings at our main Gulf Coast Writers Association website: ''

Location is (Barnes & Noble) in the Crossroads (shopping) Center, on the NE corner of the Interstate 10 at US Hwy.49 intersection, accessed from the first traffic light north of I-10.

A CHANGE OF DATE OF THE B.S.L. LIBRARY MEETING (FROM Oct.9) to OCT.2! A writer from the Sea Coast Echo newspaper, Bennie Shallbetter, spoke in a "Writer's Seminar". The Tuesday, OCTOBER '2nd' meeting was at the Hancock County Library in Bay St.Louis, 1pm. for a more than an hour. Check the '' website for possibly more information.

DIRECTIONS: See posted notices at that library, 312 Hwy.90(on the parallel service road, 3 buildings from the large Mississippi Power Bldg.), a couple buildings west of the big Mississippi Power Building on the same service drive. Another exit off Hwy.90 onto the service road is opposite the Texaco Station (the only Texaco in Bay-Waveland). See you there,...

and there will be announcements with a map at Old-Books-&-Curiosities, 126 Main St., in the 1st block off of Beach Blvd.(in old downtown),

at The Farmers Daughter (where I am ('not'), but I sit the shop desk for her),

and at La Coffee Cafe in the 1st block off Beach Blvd. on Court St. (in old downtown), Bay St.Louis.

Our August meeting was well attended, with a dozen 'published' writers present and another 7 or 8 who are ernestly starting to focus on getting down to writing. Ed Lepoma of the Sea Coast Echo newspaper spoke about the biobraphy of Mary Mahoney which he wrote, that is in its second printing of 5000. There were numerous questions afterwards, about how he did it all, in addition to the very helpful insights. Our Pres. Dan Ellis is in fine spirits and putting much effort into the GCWA. Volunteers have materialized for most posts, so Dan's enthusiasm is surely catching on! Attend the next meeting to see for yourself!

August 7th at 1pm., Ed Lepoma with the Sea Coast Echo spoke about his book, "Passion for People: Story of Mary Mahoney--Restaurateur". This was one of our special 'daytime' meetings, and for the MS Gulf Coast (west) members and wannabees. The lecture was held in the conference room at the newest Hancock County Library in the KILN.

There was a Regular Evening Meeting on 26 July 2001 at 7pm, at the Barnes and Noble store in Crossroads Shopping Center. Mr. Ed Gordon presented his recently published book, explaining his insights into self-motivation and different means of the search for contentment. You may obtain his book at the Gulfport Barnes and Noble Bookstore, and also check with ''. Another regional meeting will be announced for MONDAY, JULY 30th, 1pm, at the OCEAN SPRINGS Public Library in Jackson County.

The Officers & Committees met with President Dan Ellis in a board meeting Tuesday, JULY 24, Noon, at Victoria's in Long Beach. Board meetings will occur within a week prior to the regular '4th Thurs.' evening meetings, and summaries will be given at the regular meeting (so not to give 1st time visitors unreasonable impressions of 'how we get our business done'. All details will be available to members who wish to know more. Dan has enlarged the attendance at the 'board meeting', so business is transacted very much in the open.

ABOUT THE JUNE REGULAR MEETING: Our first meeting with Don Ellis as President of GCWA, on "4th Thursday of the Month", June 28, at 7pm., was at the BARNES AND NOBLE BOOKSTORE, Crossroads Shopping Center, northeast corner of Interstate 10 at US Hwy.49 (near Hwy.49 at the first traffic light on the north side of I-10). We met in the Coffeeshop at the front of the store. It was well attended, and Dan got us off to a great start, telling us of his plans and asking for volunteers. Our own Mr.Gordon has just arranged to have his book published.

An 'INTRODUCTORY MEETING' was held on JUNE 12: 1pm. at the County Library, Bay St.Louis, next to US Hwy.90. This was held to initiate our outreach effort to potential new members and members who rarely attend our regular evening meetings in Gulfport.

Everyone who wishes to attend a DAYTIME meeting, locally held closer to you, please attend the next one, probably at a 'different' library each time, and HELP SPREAD THE WORD. Dan is interested in bringing GCWA out to Hancock County, and then to Jackson County, to try to reach those who for any reason have not been able to attend the evening, 'regular' meetings.

The Hancock Library, centrally located in Bay St.Louis, is on the 'Service Road' next to US Hwy.90 within 100yards west of the 2+story('red brick') Mississippi Power Building, on the same block. Hopefully this and a similar meeting in Jackson Co(probably in Ocean Springs) will also encourage writers and wannabees to attend the regular GCWA meetings. President Dan has asked the 'Member-At-Large' in the counties at each end of the MS Gulf Coast to help, for about 4 meetings per year, that do not interfere with the 'regular' meetings. THE NEXT MEETING WILL LIKELY BE IN OCEAN SPRINGS, around July 10.

Keep sending your submissions to the "Magnolia Quarterly". We hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!

Another Regular Meeting was May 24,20001@ 7pm: John Frederiksen of 'Senior Scene' Magazine spoke about his publication, giving wide range of writing he is looking for, and answered many questions. Elections for all Nominees for 2001-2002 Officers was held. About 25 people, mostly members, were in attendance-- at Barnes & Noble bookstore, in the coffee shop area, at Crossroads Center, the newest shopping center in N.Gulfport, near I-10 & US 49 intersection.

PREVIOUS TO: 20 June 2001

Check this site just prior to meeting dates, '4th Thurs.' ((Jan.-Oct.,2001 meetings will be on 4th Thursdays.)) For changes get the latest word here and '', whichever is most recently updated. Details on annual contest are found at our official site: Submissions are accepted from Nov.15th each year, with deadline always a postmark not later than FEB.15th. Winners will be contacted by 15 MAR. AWARDS BANQUET at a local restaurant will be 4th Thurs. in Mar. Food orders are your option. In 2001 there was "entertainment", and good times for all. This is the most exciting gathering, at least until December party!

Previously, on the 4th April, 2001, 7-9pm., the GCWA members and friends met at Barnes & Noble Bookstore. We had new published members give brief intro., and then they fielded practical questions. There were at least 20 people, and we asked for 'nominations' for officers. We have at least one nominee for each office! Nominations continue to be open until May meeting for the voting. ATTENDANCE MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

The LET'S WRITE CONTEST AWARDS BANQUET was Thurs., 22 March at 6:30-9:30pm, at Landry's Restaurant in Gulfport. Poetry winners of 1st Prize (and 2nd &...)will be published as time/space allows (unless authors decline in time), in the Magnolia Quarterly.

LINKS: '' or ''


Or Send email to: '' & put 'GCWA' in the Subject line.

Helpful sites are:



Geocities has shortened our address also to: '' (It sometimes fails!)

Our NEXT MEETINGS follow the '4th Thursday' pattern at 7pm. and we will again be meeting (May-Oct.) at Barnes & Noble Bookstore at the Crossroads Center. The next administration starts in June, so look for any changes soon after that, just in case changes occur. There will be announcements of speakers.

The Barnes & Noble bookstore has a large area of seating in the coffee shop area, which we sort of take over, absorbing the curious and onlookers, and keeping those interested in writing. B & N is in the is Crossroads Mall, the newest shopping center at the I-10 & US49 intersection (on the NE corner of the intersection), off US 49 on the Orange Grove ('north' side) and you can turn off at the first traffic light, then follow the service road for a couple hundred yards.

[ yahoo! Maps ]

January 25, 2001 Meeting: DAN ELLIS, local self-published author with 11 titles currently, spoke on his experiences and getting published. ((20+ people!)) He was at our regular meeting("4th Thurs")at Barnes & Noble Bookstore. Some association business was announced, Treasurer's report, "Let's Write Contest" entries are coming in from all around the US, there will be nominations for officers in April (so think about it!), and we departed by 9pm.

XMAS PARTY: It WAS Dec.14, 2000: 7pm, at Barnes & Noble Bookstore in the Crossroads Shopping Center, Interstate 10 & US Hwy.49. There were readings, recitations, original works and favorite works. For those who chose to bring small wrapped gifts, a drawing was held for a fair exchange, like a pick-a-number out of the hat sort of thing. Some exchanged with others after seeing something more particularly interesting.

B&N had their coffee shop/snack bar open, and we were next to it, so there was a constant stream of the curious, and more of a hub-bub like one may expect at a 'party'.


Several members meet informally on Friday 7-8:30pm in Bay Saint Louis, across from the restored Train Depot, at "Flying Cups & Saucers" coffeehouse & art gallery.

Those who wish to, read, recite--others just listen & enjoy. It is not a 'meeting', but an opportunity.

The Critique Group meets when 2 or more people agree, and places vary, so you should contact Diane Miller directly. More on this at on the Web. PREVIOUSLY:

Nov.16th,2000 we had our first meeting at Barnes & Noble Bookstore in the Crossroads Shopping Center, near Interstate 10 and US Hwy.49. The subject was 'Sel-Publishing' and we had at least 15 members. There were some very divergent opinions, and at time intense discussion. We all have different reasons for writing, and many pay to have their first books printed. Not all books are going to be interesting to the publishers who invest their funds to get 'your' book in print. There is no longer a stigma attached to a self-published book. Many very insightful and eye-opening experiences were related.

Oct.26th about a half-dozen new faces showed up, some writers, some poets. After formalities, Pres.Victoria had us write about two characters on our own, privately, then compare characteristics. Then we formed groups of 5 or 6 and put down a little plot for the characters lives. All were very different. What a way to overcome writers' block!

The Sept.28th meeting of GCWA featured Brenda Finnegan, President of the MS State Poetry Association, as well as Paul Laviolette's presentation of his newest published book. at Expresso Cafe & Coast Book. There was discussion on meeting places for 2001, as Coast Books is moving to smaller place a block away.

Poets' Open Mike Nite, 27 July, Coast Books-&-Expresso Cafe, with 18 & great success!

Elizabeth Huffmaster(illustrator) & Alexander Molnar(historical novelist) were our two speakers in May: Very Helpful!

WELCOME to the premier freelance writers & poets association of our region. Over 15 years we have existed to promote writing & to assist writers in search of publishers. With this website 'we are a publisher', & will provide 'cool links' to our members' sites located inside of neighborhoods. Websites of members and/or guest speakers attract attention:

Dr.Harold Dawley:

Norita Seiffert:

Email addresses of many members are following this text area. We are located mostly in south Mississippi on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, but we have no boundaries for membership!


NOMINATIONS were requested, begged for, pleaded for, & welcomed, as well as understandable reasons for not volunteering accepted, at our 27 April (mostly business) meeting. It turned into more of a 'blue-sky' steering committee gathering, with a few new members fresh from the Screenwriting Seminar on 22 April (9 were in the seminar with Michael Garrett).

Bob Daniels, our trusted former Treasurer(from early 1999) volunteered to do those duties again! Diane Miller, now becoming busier with the Critique Group, accepted the nomination to be Secretary. Patti Marsh, who could not attend(who has been in long-term recovery from 3 hospital stays in the past year), hopefully will be our Honorary Corresponding Secretary. She has been a faithful servant of GCWA causes for nearly a decade, serving once as Pres. At the April meeting, Ken Swarthout tenatively accepted the nomination to be V.President, but he's been busy on cases.

We're still looking for someone with over a year's GCWA experience (optimally having been a GCWA officer before), who is willing to be "PRESIDENT". Several have turned it down; maybe some will reconsider. Victoria has done an amazing job, now as 'acting president'. She will be continuing to do the Newsletter and our new "Magnolia Quarterly"(alot for one...).

IF YOU HAVE BEEN A GCWA MEMBER, HAVE SOME EXPERIENCE IN GROUP THERAPY (a co-requisite with Advanced Interpersonal Relationships 101), & are willing, PLEASE rush to phone or email Victoria at or the 'Nominating Committee"(me) at (or) because we desparately need you or your opinion.

On Thursday, February 24th, 2000, attorney & GCWA Member, Ken Swarthout quoted at length from the Mississippi Code, Annotated(the law of this state) on non-profit corporations and responsibilities to the Secr.of State. He discussed with us the federal & state non-profit status, & the several economic brackets that GCWA could choose to become(in the eyes of the law), and duties, responsibilities & benefits. How we structure our By-Laws to handle voting & membership, & types of membership & board or no-board of directors forms of doing non-profit activities were talked about.

This was also a moment for members to contemplate where GCWA goes from here, once we take on non-profit status, versus being basically a loose association without goals beyond the present term of officers. There were proposals for future, longer-range goals, fundraising, & what we do with tax-free grants.

This is a very important matter that the silent majority of members need to voice your opinion about, or later be content to be observers. THE BIG MEETINGS WILL BE IN APRIL (including nominating of next slate of officers who will likely make our transition to an official, government-recognized association), and in May(elections). A referendum is likely on changing the By-Laws, since most members do not show up at most meetings.

Our March "LET'S WRITE CONTEST" Awards Banquet was a well-attended affair at Barnaby's Restaurant in Long Beach. The award winners in all catagories were announced, some winners were present. Others receive their checks & certificates by mail. See our new official Web Site for the winner's list, that is at

7-8:30pm,Thurs., Jan.27th,"2000" We listened to Frank McGuire from Pelican Publishing, New Orleans. With nearly 30 present, he told of the trends and market statistics over 2 decades, where Pelican thinks interest in books are going in the near future, and what writers need to know to get published. Some of us took notes! Yes, it is the writer's decision to be published, because if persistent enough, writers will be published, sooner or later. We had a brief business meeting before & after. A most encouraging time was had by all @Coast Books-&-Expresso Cafe, in downtown Gulfport, 2 blocks west of the Main US Post Office, one block north of US Hwy90.

Our Christmas Party/Meeting WAS Dec. 16th, at Coast Books-&-Expresso Cafe. We had a great turnout. New members and visitors were welcomed. Gifts on a writing theme were exchanged, along with ideas, plans & best wishes for 2000.

The "Let's Write Contest" is open again, with all submissions due by Feb.15th.

GCWA P.O. Box 6445 * Gulfport, MS 39506 (228) 575-6211


Critique Group meets on 'some' Tuesdays & Saturdays. Call John Freeman @228-539-2431 to attend, create a plan, or for directions to location & exact time/date. They often meet at Coast Books-&-Expresso Cafe, in downtown Gulfport.


Expresso Cafe is 2 blocks west of the Main US Post Office that is one block off of US Hwy.90 on Hwy 49, approximately 2 blocks east of the Grand Casino-Gulfport, and one block off of the US HWY.90, in old downtown Gulfport.

REMEMBER: "THIRD" Thurs. in Nov & Dec. due to holidays. Location: Coast Books & Expresso Cafe unless notified here or call or email '' or other #'s & email addresses near bottom of this page.

Every Friday, 7-9pm, poetry & prose reading in Bay St.Louis, MS @ 'Flying Cups & Saucers' Coffeehouse across from the restored Bay St.Louis Train Station. Originated by Spencer, it continues. You are invited to attend, and reading is optional in an open format(a rare opportunity around here!). Read and/or listen to some original and some favorite poems by anyone, published or not. + Coffee/Mocha/Van. 'Brainfreeze' or Cappucino or Fruit Smoothee, Teas, Flavored, Reg. or Decaf Coffees, Cake, & Pastries! Check out the original 3D artworks: This is a gallery!


Thursday, NOV.18,1999: 7pm, Surprise Program at Expresso Cafe & Coast Books, one block N or US Hwy90 & 2 blocks W of the Main Post Office & US Hwy.49.

Thurday, OCTOBER 28, 7pm, Paul LaViolette, a published author, spoke on "Views From A Front Porch", his recent publication. He's a contributing writer to the SeaCoast Echo, where you can find his articles almost weekly.

September Regular Meeting: Grace Lebo,Editor of Back Porch Magazine, spoke at COAST BOOKS-&-EXPRESSO CAFE, Gulfport, MS, two blocks west of the US Hwy49-(Main) Gulfport Post Office, one block off of US90(the beach hwy.), Sept.23, 7pm(4th Thurs).

August'99 Meeting: @ Que Pasa Coffee & More, 1599"B" Bienville Blvd., Ocean Springs, MS, Aug.26,'99, 7pm(4th Thurs.). Much activity, introductions & many new memebers resulted!

Mid-Summer Pool & Cajun Food Party was a July success!

Thurs., June 24, 7pm: Poetry & Short Prose Readings, hosted by Spencer Smith@Expresso Cafe-&-Coast Books, a block west of US Hwy.49 from the US Post Office, one block north of US Hwy.90 & the Beach. Spencer asks you to call 467-2727 to reserve not more than 5 minutes time/person, but RSVP not required. "This has been very well attended",says J.Egloff.

Thurs., May 27th, 7pm: The author Paulette Gaston Crain spoke on "How to Find Representation and Publish Your First Novel", at Expresso Cafe & Coast Books. Her published current book is 'DeLore's Confession'! This presentation meant much to most of the 20+ in attendance, with practical, timely applications for all. The rule is: Find an agent, or get a know writer to 'solicit'(basically 'recommend') to a publisher or a noted agent what you wish to have evaluated.

Mainly our Expresso Cafe location, versus Wm.Carey College, was chosen due to our snack food preference, which the College objected to in their auditorium. Also, there has been a decline in members from the east of Wm.Carey College, and an increase in members from the west and in Gulfport. The atmosphere is more informal, and we do not have any chance of disturbing university functions. Also, this past Spring we were displaced by the college using their own auditorium!

The CRITIQUE GROUP meets now on Tuesday, June15 &29, at 6:30pm. Contact: John Freeman@864-0576 for location.

July Critique Group met on Tuesdays, the 6th & 20th. and Tues.,August 3, 17 &31. Call: 864-0576 for more info.

MEETINGS at Expresso Cafe&Coast Books, ARE: Fourth Thurs. from Jan.,Feb.& April.through Oct., BUT 3rd Nov.& Dec.(Xmas Party). March Awards Luncheon to be announced for location & exact date.

In 1999:

LEE GREEN POPE spoke on "Writing for Theater" 4/22 at 7pm, at the Expresso Cafe meeting area. Lee has extensive experience in this field, so many will share her knowledge and insights as a playwright. Refreshments will be the usual, like at our Feb. meeting. A proposed slate of officers was announced and a call for nominations from the floor took place at the beginning of the meeting. Voting will occur at the May meeting, and new terms for the officers of the association begin in June.

OFFICERS until May/June 2000: Vicoria Olsen,Pres.; Dee Robertson, V.Pres.; Georgia Yost,Secr.; Jessie Crabtree,Treas. Some committees will probably remain the same, however the new board will work with volunteers and regulars alike.

Last Feb.25th@7pm, at EXPRESSO CAFE/COAST BOOKS: Dr. Harold Dawley spoke, relating his studies and findings in psychology and sociology. The presentation & discussion were of research in preparation of his next major book. He has several self-help books already published, distributed, and is planning more. He has a psychology clinic in the New Orleans metro.area. We were all very much impressed and many made suggestions, as well as opened areas for clarification. We hated to depart this meeting!


The 1998 XMAS PARTY was Thurs., Dec.17: 6-8:30pm. Thanks to Kris Taylor,Nancy Beeler,Victoria Olsen & others we had lasagna dinner, cake & punch at Expresso Cafe.

All meetings& most events on 4th Thursdays, except Nov&Dec Meetings are now at 7pm in the EXPRESSO CAFE @ Coast Books, across the street from the main entrance of Astro Lincoln- Mercury dealership, a block west of the main US Post Office that is located one block north of US 90 on US Hwy 49.

The LET'S WRITE CONTEST begins anytime/ends Feb.15th; the 4th March is the Awards Banquet at a restaurant.

NEWS (newest first):

The GCWA REUNION Party at Victoria Olsen's & Her Cajun's home in Long Beach in late mid-July was well attended, and the Gumbo & Cajun dishes were fastastic(few people ended in the pool, but that's because we are model citizens sometimes).

Members leaving our local area are hereby notified that you may ALWAYS be members of GCWA. You can call yourselves representatives or continue with just "member" status, but normally we will not allow title of 'former',...nor even 'departed'. We will find you via internet anywhere!

10/22: Norita J.Sieffert, Novelist, spoke on her new writing career, including Internet publishing. Check out her website at

DEE ROBERTSON IS IN CHARGE OF THE "LET's WRITE" CONTEST: Join! Help Out! It will be a great experience! Come to a meeting or call Victoria Olsen (228) 575-6612, or via email '' and sometimes others will know, or Mildred Klyce ('Southern Poetry Association') for information, or email Dee Robertson: ''

...or, send to J.Egloff by typing "LET'S WRITE CONTEST" in the SUBJECT line of your email form, & send to ''


Meets on some Tuesdays or by special agreement: 1pm usually, at Expresso Cafe in downtown Gulfport,MS one block off US Hwy 90 and 2 blocks west of US Hwy 49. Call or email our officers for more info. David Barnett left for San Antonio, but will be in touch via email. Better to confirm the day before if you plan to attend, to make sure the usually 3-5-person group has not rescheduled.

8/27/98: There were readings of pure dialog (only dialog) to see how well some of us can make dialog work. The participants voted David's best (written in a hospital waiting room while his wife had surgery). His regular attendance to the monthly critique workshops has really made his dialog great, and critique sessions valuable.

Critique Sessions are usually on Tuesdays announced above with the general meeting dates. The latest one was at Expresso Cafe, downtown Gulfport, across from the front of Astro Lincoln-Mercury, 2 blocks from the main Gulfport Post Office(Hwy.49), just one block off of US Hwy. 90 near the Port of Gulfport.

Thurs., May 21st,7pm: Patti Marsh(on 'perspective') & Dena Bisnette(on 'writing query letters') spoke at the well-attended elections meeting. New officers are: Chris Taylor, president; Nancy Beeler, v.pres.; David Barnett, secr.; Bob Daniels, tresurer(& we have enough $ for a good start).

All other posts are appointed--some are 'bestowed'. ((Where's my proofreader, proof reader, or website assistant-associate editor? Help!)) Is anyone receiving this? Please let us know! Send email in any language! When we translate it, we will try to respond. At least tell me about typos & original grammar: I employ them to see if someone will let me know about it, not as an IQ test. (((My 'automatic' spell-checker doesn't work.)))

May graduations that evening conflicted for some of us, Grace & Victoria, too. Sticking to the "4th Thursdays at 7pm"-plan has been useful for a dozen years, even if its not perfect timing always. 3 new members joined.

Thurs., April 23rd, 7pm: Dot & Vernon Harris, one a winner of our fiction contest award, from Ovett, MS, spoke at the latest meeting. He does humor, poetry & fiction, & she does children's books,.... They are members of the Hattiesburg, MS 'Let's Write Group', and a journalist from the town newspaper took notes.

While hearing of Vernon's 25 years' writing(& publishing) experiences, it was enlightening to learn how we can also get published. Again, it is by being "persistent". Optimism is easier now after hearing how he did it, and still publishes without a "computer",let alone the Internet & other 'office' enhancements which the younger generation claims we need.

What you write, who you deal with, and getting published all still depend on the very critical qualities that lead you to try again. He told of dozens of rejection letters, and some nice enough to say why, how it was timing of what they needed, how the few who apologized for sending such a letter advised him, and how finally befriending an honest up-&-coming editor. That publisher even created another line of their publishing activity for Vernon. Yes, there are good people out there!

The Contest Awards Dinner was at the Long Beach Yacht Club, March 26th, a year ago, with a buffet at 7:00pm, near the center of Long Beach on the waterfront. It was very well attended, with dozens of award winners & friends,plus many of our members. We nearly exceeded the seating space, again! Some said it was too short, but it was a 'school night' for the numerous teenagers in attendance, so it was over by 9 or 9:30pm. The contest did a little better than breaking even, so it served its function as our main function of the year. START WORK ON YOUR NEXT LET'S WRITE CONTEST ENTRIES!!

MEETING DATES: 7pm on the 4th Thursday each month, except... Nov.& Dec.meeting dates are either the 3rd Thurs. or are set to avoid conflicts with holiday times. Mar.& Dec.- gatherings are not business 'meetings', usually involve food, and are at the Long Beach Yacht Club(3/98), or at Shoney's or the Expresso Cafe(12/98). Announcement of next meeting is listed at the top of this GCWA webpage.

VISITORS are welcome! Members will be praised!


For a contribution you will receive our "GCWA Newsletter" announcing the featured speaker/events, free with membership. Renewal date reminder is on the newsletter mail label. Subscription(only) is available+postage if overseas. Ads and announcement information below. 50%off for students.

EXCEPTIONS for meetings: On the 4th March the meeting is an awards banquet at a restaurant. Due to conflict with holidays our Nov.meeting is the 3rd Thurs., & unique, announced in Nov. Our July,'99 meeting will be on the Friday(after the '4th Thurs.') at Victoria Olsen's home for a Cajun food & pool party, a 'Reunion' to try to bring out our former officers & former members, as well as regulars.

CONTEST: Each Nov.15 until Feb.15 we stage our"Let's Write"contest for anyone,13+yrs: For those 19+yrs.there's poetry,fiction & non-fiction, and for teens there's poetry & fiction, and each group and catagory is judged separately.

Entries for the Let's Write contest postmarked by 2/15 each year (received within a week thereafter) are judged by qualified authors, publishers, and/or teachers. Your 1st entry is free, and additional entries cover expenses (rules may change).


We have a quarterly literary journal & info:''

Our Monthly Newsletter Editor welcomes original poetry & stories of reasonable length. Beware, the editor has absolute power of judgement; well, maybe except for what supernatural being(s) retain(s). The Editor is empowered to handle everything.

We grant no copyright, and that is strictly your responsibility. Manuscripts received will be respectfully managed, however if received via electronic means are not guaranteed from being circulated outside of GCWA. If publication here or in our newletter is a copyright based on precedence, sobeit, it shall be so, and copyright it is,...if you wish to use it as such., ad infinitum, etc........................

Our intent is to establish "Cool Links" directly to our members' homesteads in, and let surfers follow Geocites interests. GCWA is not responsible for anything at any other homestead. We encourage you to take advantage of Geocities' offer of 3MBytes free web page and within Geocities' content rules. Geocities Plus are available for some extra $.

OTHER OFFICERS: Patti Marsh (228) 864-8289 & Marty Logan,497-6014 are continuing as members-at-large until further notice. Julius Egloff tries to keep our webpage current.

AND, A Former President, Grace Lebo, May Publish Your Work Write via e-mail:

REGULAR OFFICERS: Acting President & Editor, Victoria Olsen; Secretary, Dee Robertson; Treasurer, Bob Daniels; Publicity Chair., Patti Marsh. Student Chapter Chair., Karen Langenbacher, (Congratulations Karen on your graduation with such great grades! If only you were President of the US!)

The 1st busiess meetings of the newly elected officers appoint others to committees and various posts. If you have problems with EMAIL, try the webpage editor(me), if my internet access allows & place 'GCWA' in 'Subject' area.

"GCWA NEWSLETTER" Editor-Further-Until-Notice (EFUN): c/o Victoria Olsen,, uses WORD 7 & edits on a PC-compatible system; send by 5th of each month if e-mailed; send copy by 1st of each month, if mailed via post office or UPS or other means to:

GCWA Newsletter Editor,P.O.Box 6445,Gulfport, MS 39506, & (allow weeks for responses, and write again if no response follows). We are all mostly concerned with jobs and writing, and there may be times when officers are just very busy--all are volunteers. We welcome your correspondence, but have no paid staff.

ASSISTANT EDITORS: Jeanette Jennis & Karen Langenbacher, and... ANY member, until further notice!

"GCWA Newsletter" is printed & mailed, with newsletter ads priced at cost: for business card, for 1/4 page, & for 1/2 page. (We operate voluntarily beyond our tiny budget.)

Officers are nominated at the April meeting, elected in May, & serve June-thru-May. We operate according to our By-Laws.



1/23/97: Elizabeth Veglia, presented the book, "Pearls", just published by the Renaissance Committee of Bay Saint Louis, as a collection of interviews of people who know some of the history of Bay St.Louis(1699) and Hancock County, Mississippi, in the coastal region adjoining Louisiana..

2/27/97: Victoria Vegely & Grace Lebo had a writers' workshop. Grace is the owner/editor of "Back Porch" literary magazine, which is focused on the central Gulf Coast writers & subjects of this region generally (writers need not be physically located here).

3/27/97: The Poplarville Storytellers were featured at the Awards Banquet.

4/24/97: Our speaker was Paul A.Pursley, D.C.,who has just returned from year-long travels in southeast Asia, including Nepal, Tibet, China, Burma, Thailand, and Cambodia. Just prior to going 2 years ago he had a large book published based on his studies of Buddhism. Copies are available and requests will be forwarded to him if you e-mail us. THERE ARE ONLY ABOUT 100 COPIES FOR SALE OF THIS $100(PRICELESS) BOOK, BUT THE AUTHOR ACCEPTS $30.

5/22/97: The published romance writer, Karen Fox was our speaker. Topic: "Ten easy ways to get published, and other fairy tales". She had some copies of her book printed in January for purchase & signing. At the brief 7pm business meeting we voted to accept the slate of officers who where nominated in April, led by Grace B. Lebo.

6/97: Donna Kyle, a published writer since she was 9, now in the medical community, working on a degree in Natureopathy, spoke to us on her writing experiences.

8/97: Our newsletter editor, Jerry Ayers, gave us a stimulating set of instructions to make us feel better about our own writing, our abilities compared to 'what's already out there' and ordered us to write, send it for review, and write some more, and send it for review, infinitum. It worked for him!

9/97: Author & Naturalist Judith Toups spoke about writing for her Sun-Herald Newspaper column, featured weekly in the "Marquis" Section. She is a foremost expert and speaker for the bird watching community of the MS Gulf Coast. Topic: Her experiences with editors, pitfalls and funny situations,....

PARTY: Thurs., Dec.18th, we went to EXPRESSO CAFE in downtown Gulfport, one block off of US. Hwy90. We had readings by Tommy Joe Breaux, author & radio narrator of Cajun Humor From The Heart. Ken Short also gave us a reading. A good time was had by all as a drawing for numbered small gifts and President Grace lead us through a wonderful evening.


Jan. 22: Members, Nancy Beeler and Kris Taylor spoke on their experiences before & after being accepted, published, and sometimes even paid! Also, they gave very excellent examples and advice on preparing query letters, handling the rejection letters, and even changes to make before trying again.

Feb. 26: Mr.STEPHEN AMBROSE spoke on his extensive and very successful writing experience. He has numerous books to his credit and in print: The official biographies of presidents Eisenhower and Nixon, numerous books about World War II, including "D-Day", and CURRENTLY ON THE NY TIMES BESTSELLER LIST, "Citizen Soldiers"; a bestseller in 1996, "Undaunted Courage", about the Louis and Clark Expedition, and others. He is a college professor at two universities, UNO & U.of Wisconsin..

Mar.26,'98, Long Beach Yacht Club, 6:30pm(7pm for food),$7: We had our awards dinner, where members and friends, and certainly notified winners, were welcomed. Each of you fit into at least one of those catagories. It was too brief! Fun, informal, .with many contest winners from over 50 miles away there,.... Thanks to Victoria, Grace and her husband, and help from several. The Yacht Club's ladies group put on the summer picnic-like, family-style buffet. Great!

Apr.,'98 : We met in Parker Hall auditorium(in the center of the building). Parking to the rear of the lecture hall, located on the east side of the old original building on Beach Drive(service road), parallel to U.S.Hwy 90 just west of Red Lobster restaurant and Great Southern Country Club and golf course.


The new administration starts in June of each year. New plans, hopes, desires,...are discussed at that meeting. There is usually a call for volunteers on new committees.

((With an association made up of writers, there will always be a stand-in for a missing speaker.))

A different person("volunteer"?) will host the refreshments with basics each month. This will make for variety! The sure bet is probably still as it has always been or evolved before, like a game of 'tag': whoever has the coffee pot is "it". We have thankfully moved away from main dependence on coffee. How about health foods,...and Viagra?!


David Barnett(moved to San Antonio, TX)

Dena Bisnette(moved in Jan.'99):

Jessie Crabtree:

Barry Cottrell:

Robert Daniels(Tresurer):

Julius Egloff(Webmeister):

Rene Fowler:

Karen Langenbacher(student pres):

Grace Lebo(97pres):

Linda Nix:

Victoria Olsen(EFUN):

Norita J.Sieffert:

Dee Robertson:

Kristina Taylor(98/99-President):

Thomas Wiltz:

Georgia Yost:

Check this site by the 4th Thursday of most months for the latest update before our next meeting, but updates may occur at any time. Nov.&Dec. meetings on 3rd Thurs.

Thanks for visiting our webpage.

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