Born In: Florida
Month Born in: August
Fave Foods:Pasta
Fave Store:Gazooks,WetSeal..
Fave Cd: Choir Girl Hotel(Tori Amos), Tidal(Fiona Apple)..
Fave Book: Sean Covey(7habits of highly effective teens)*Must Read* I also love kids poetry( The light in the attic)
Drink: Mudslides, pinas,coke,orange juice with pulp :)
Fave Places: The beach, city, mountians, home,paris...
Car: Escort  zx2 2000
Sports: BRAVES!
Movies: Sixth sense,Any Given Sunday,Usual suspects..I like scary movies mostly
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My hobbies and interests include: Dancing,writing,drawing,painting,shopping,talking,acting, movies, plays, dinning out, swimming,working out, kickboxing,travel, spending time with my family and bf whom I've been dating for over a year now ,whatever life offers me!!!
That's me and my Shanie pooh Jr. Jelly Bean!---->
*And that's suppose to look like me *
Don't you know only smart people choose green :) (That's My Sweet pea)

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My Shanie pooh ->
The parrot is familia
And he says he's always right
You pigs!
Can someone tell him to move out of my pics
Poor Guys,wondering why they don't listen
Who's the daddy?
Go!Go! ..Go!
That's my mommy
I just had a sip
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