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Calendar of Events

June 2007
Friday 15th Courtney's Birthday!
Thursday 14th Flag Day!
Friday 15th Kelly's Birthday!
Sunday 17th Father's Day!
Wednesday 20th Nick Barts' Birthday!
Thursday 21rd Canoe Trip! New London, WI
Friday 22th Canoe Trip! New London, WI
Saturday 23th Canoe Trip! New London, WI
Sunday 24th Canoe Trip! New London, WI
Monday 25th Canoe Trip! New London, WI
July 2007
Wednesday 4th Fourth of JULY!
Friday 7th Tommy's Birthday!
Tuesday 17th Tony's Birthday!
August 2007
Sunday 5th Gumby's Birthday!
September 2007
Monday 3rd Labor Day!
Saturday 29th JR's Birthday!
October 2007
Wednesday 3rd Adam's Birthday!
Friday 5th Mango's Birthday!
Friday 5th Kerry's Birthday!
Saturday 6th Mango's Birthday!
Friday 12th Kristin's Birthday!
Monday 22nd Kimmie's Birthday!
`Wednesday 31st Kathleen's Birthday!
Wednesday 31st Halloween!
November 2007
Thursday 15th Mia Martino's Birthday!
Thursday 22nd Jeff Carlin's Birthday!
Thursday 22th Thanksgiving!
December 2007
Sunday 2nd Craig's Birthday!
Saturday 8th Christina's Birthday! BIG Party in Maine
Monday 24th Christmas Eve!
Tuesday 25th Christmas!
Monday 31st Mark's Birthday! Marshall's Farm?
Monday 31st New Year's Eve! Marshall's Farm?
January 2008
Tuesday 1st New Year's Day! Marshall's Farm?
Friday 4th Jolan's Birthday!
Thursday 17th Marshall's Birthday!
Wednesday 23rd Jen's Birthday!
Friday 25th Ken's Birthday!
Tuesday 29th Nick Clesen's Birthday!
February 2008
Saturday 2nd Groundhog's Day! In a hole
Thursday 14th Valentine's Day!
Monday 18th President's Day!
March 2008
Monday 17th St. Patrick's Day! Lamp Lighters (7:00 am Gumby might start later)
Thursday 20th Steak and BJ Day! Somewhere comfortable
Tuesday 25th Darcey's Birthday!
April 2008
Sunday 13th Easter
Thursday 17th Ryan's Birthday!
Friday 18th Garths's Birthday!
May 2008
Saturday 3rd LJ's Birthday!
Sunday 4th Mothers Day! Tommys' Mom's House
Tuesday 27th Laura's Birthday!
Monday 26th Memorial Day!