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In Loving Memory of My Daughter
Tiffany Ann Paige Busk
September 18, 1984 - November 23, 2001
We All Love You Tiffany Busk

We wish we could say hello
We wish we could just say hi
Your up past the stars we know
We just didn't want to say goodbye
We didn't know what to say
Except your problems would've been solved with time
You felt obligated to go  that day
The day the world didn't seem so kind
Everybody wishes you were still here
So we can all give you one more hug
But with all of our fallen tears
Tiff we can't even explain our love
Captain, to us you were a shining star
Inside your comforting eyes it reflected
But now your chariot has arrived
Your wings and halo have been perfected
So fly as you may
Fly away high as you must
Your one of Gods angels today
And we all love you, Tiffany Busk

By: Friend Jamie Murdoch
The contributors to this web site ask that all of Tiffany's friends  and teachers  cadet, etc... please write a story about their time with her and things they remember about her. You can e-mail it To: gumdrops_and_lollypops2001@yahoo.ca
since your eyes have closed, mine have failed to cease weeping
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