1975 Volkswagen Beetle For Sale

Beetle Front

This is the Standard Beetle that I've got. Isn't she cute? I removed most of the chrome and the bumpers a while ago when I was planning on doing a restoration. Unfortunately things got in the way (as they so often do) and she's been hibernating in my father's garage for a couple of years. He now wants her out.

The hood had a large crack in it and the driver's side door had rusted out from the inside, so I had them them replaced with parts from another Beetle. I still have the original door (to the left side of the bug in the picture) complete with windows and door panel. In addition, I've got other spare parts, such as a deck lid, fender rubber, a jack, brake pads and cylinders, and more. The tires only have about 800 miles on them and the floor pans are solid, having been replaced a few years ago. I also have John Muir's "Idiot Book."

To see the interior of the car, click here. To see the motor, click here. The asking price is $750.

If you're interested, send an E-mail to By the way, the lucky purchaser will have to hook her up to a tow bar and drag her away from Burke, Virginia (about twenty miles west of Washington, D.C.

Contact me within the next five minutes and I'll throw in a cassette of English Disco music from 1976 AND a Scary Monkey Finger Puppet!