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Do you hate banners as much as I do?
Actually, I'm not crazy about much here, especially this font.  I suppose I'll use this space for things that don't really fit elsewhere.  Almost everything about me (profile, pictures, schedule etc.) is public at yahoo!  My Id is gumnerf. My "real" website is
(-)oeffmeir Publishing Company and consists of my favorite music, writing, art etc.  It is a personal, non-commercial site, containing much that is useful and entertaining so check it out at: http://hoeffmeir.org
One of my favorite authors:

Actually, this picture reminded me of musician, Terry Draper.  Roll your mouse over and see what you think.]
There's lots more info about Terry, his former band-mates and his current label, Bullseye Records of Canada, at The Official Klaatu HomePage.
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