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Who We Are - Hi, we're the Alaska branch of the Gumpert Family. We've lived here for a few years and really love it here in the Great Land. Come spend some time here and you'll love it too.

Photo by Anne Tessalone

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Where We Live - We live in Anchorage, in the Southcentral region of the state, where the climate is moderated by the ocean. Here, it is not too cold in the winter and not too hot in the summer. Here's a great shot of town from the Landsat 7 satellite (about 435 miles staight up).










Landsat 7,


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So, what do we spend most of our time doing? Hey, this is Alaska, where "fishin's the mission" So, what do you think we do with our time?

Hot List - If you want to see some of the latest on fishing in Alaska, check these out!

And some of our favorite Web Sites:

Alta Vista - Search:

University of Notre Dame:

Landsat 7:

Hampster Dance:

Pocono Charlie's Web Site:

Alaska Department of Fish & Game:

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Contact Information

You can get ahold of us via e-mail at:

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Historical Information

No doubt I come by it naturally. Here's a picture of my parents from the old days.

Here's one of my Dad's big catches!

With Mom at scenic Mississippi River overlook.

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Outside Interests - or what I get to spend my spare time on anyway.

President, Vector Guide Service

Vector Guide Service specializing in the still waters of the Anchorage Bowl. We know where the fish are! (Of course, It's all Vectors)

My responsibilities: Chief guide, tour arranger, transportation specialist, and all around story embellisher.

OK, so we're not a real company, not yet anyway! But, we really do know where the fish are in the Anchorage Bowl and the Kenai Pennisula. And as much time as we spend taking care of visiting friends and relatives, we might as well be in the business. Here's hoping you have as much fun fishing as we do.

Come on up and see us in the Great Land!

Pictures - here's some shots the kids wanted to show

Dad & Molly at ND

Sparky the Wonder Cat

Fishing at Seward

Jane with her first Silver Salmon.

Kite Flying in Colorado.

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