Generation of skilled weavers continue to make Cordillera alive with handwoven magical creations that combine elegance, beauty and quality. The culture and art of highland people are mirrored in exquisite products vibrant with traditional colors and designs or subtly muted in ikat or rainbow colors. Made of 100% cotton, polyester or acrylic fibers, the functional or decorative products are a joy to own or to give.

The wide variety of treasures awaiting shoppers with discriminating taste includes the traditional tapis and wanes, clothing materials or ready made clothes, tapestries, rugs, wall hangings, table linen, hats, shoes and bags, indigenous clothing accessories and many more.

Easter weaving room is very proud to have found its way into local, national and international markets. Indeed, a sign of progress through 90 years of pursuing the perfection of weaving as an art, amidst high tech and stiff competition. Today, EWR has etched its niche in the weaving industry. The growing number of satisfied customers has made this possible

Come to Easter Weaving Room and feel the highland ambiance, a blend of the distant past with the pulsating present. Browse around, Touch... Feel... Treasure hunt. The gift of a lifetime is here.