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Murphy's Gun Images is for reference puposes, to let the viewer know what some guns look like especially the ones they see on the movies. The gun images here are only some of the many guns on this planet, actually the pictures of the guns here are my favorites and I would like to thank security arms for providing them. Please feel free to view them, I've classified them into groups so you would know what type of gun they are : )

Pistols and Side Arms
Beretta 93r Colt Socom CZ 75 fullauto CZ 75 Glock 18 fullauto
Desert Eagle HK Usp HK Socom SIg P220 Beretta 92fs

Fully Automatic Submachine guns
Styer TMP
MP5K Uzi SMG Uzi Pistol MP5 Knight
Skorion SMG Ingram cal .45 Ingram cal 9mm
Mini Uzi MP5A5 MP5 w/ accesories MP5SD6
Rocky Mountain Pistol Calico FN Fal P90 Olympic Arms Pistol

Assault Riffles
M16 A1 M16 A2 M4 Carbine
M16 Light MG M16 Vietnam 90 rounds Small arms AR15 A2
Colt 9mm Colt Beta C Mag FAMAS Galil AR Galil ARM
Galil SAR Styer Black Styer AUG RPG ng MILF RPK Lm
RPK Daewoo K2 Ultimax AK 47 HK 53

Sniper Riffles
HKG3 SG! HK PSG-1 M14 M14 E2 M14 Folding

Machine Guns
Gatling Gun Saw M249 Saw Med M249 MG cal 30
50 cal MG M60 Daewoo K3 3 gatling gun Saw M249

Classic Guns
WWII Sterling German Stoner WWII Thompson 1930 Tommy Gun

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