Gunboat Diplomacy... Alterna-Ska-Punk basement band.  Garage bands suck...  long live the basement!
gunboat diplomacy gunbaotdiplomacy punk rock music
Thanks to everyone who came out to the Skatepark Fundraiser.  Although the show was not as big of a success as hoped, there is a chance that another show will happen.  Stay tuned for more info.

We're in the middle of recording our CD now, so just wait a little longer and you can have our album.  If you want a low quality sample, check out our
Cornerband site.

We're still not sure about when the shirts will be made because of financial problems (hey, we are high school kids without jobs or money), so just wait on that. 

You need flash.
So with that said, keep checking the site for updates and show schedules and crap like that. And keep up great support you have been giving us.
See our video... Click here. (Special thanks to Nesly Films)
Live Show!
Monday, April 8th
The MHS Fashion Talent Show!