DECEMBER 11, 1964 - SEPTEMBER 20, 2004



First of all, I want to let you know that I love you very much, and I am so sorry that things ended up like this. I never wanted it to be this way. I know we've been through our ups and downs, but I have always loved you dearly. I will never forget you and you will always hold a place in my heart.

I know that you didn't receive full justice for what that asshole did to you, but please remember that he will have to answer for it in the end. And even though you're gone, I am so glad that you're not having to suffer anymore. You're no longer fighting these demons and trying to survive in these harsh streets. Your life was crazy and its hard to believe how much you've changed. But no matter what you were dealing with, you've always had a good heart, and I know that you loved me.

Well, you have a grand-daughter now. I named her Treasure Jeanette Hancock. She is so beautiful and she has some long curly hair. I wish you could see her. Queshon is doing good. He's grown up alot since you've seen him. Mom I'm going to make sure I do what I have to in order to take care of my kids. I'm on the grind right now, trying to work and go to school so I can travel down the right path. I don't want to end up in prison or broke or any of that shit. I want to live right... you have no idea how much my heart desires success in every aspect of my life. Your daughter is going to make it, man... just wait and see!

I know that its taken me a while to get in touch wih you, but I've had a hard time dealing with this. Thats why I decided to write this letter to let you know that I'm thinking about you always. You already know what it is, huh? Well I'll talk to you later okay? I love you!!