Hello. My name is Vanessa Ayukawa and this is my SMALL Cd review page. Iam just testing out whether or not this will work, so there isn't much here. Just basic reviews on Gundam Wing's 4 (out of 5) Cd's. -- Along with notes on favorite songs, packaging and so forth. So if you don't agree with me, to bad. If you do, then hey! You got good taste!

Last Updated on 4.15.02

Operation 1 - When even two-mix can't even save this cd.
Operation 2 - Anime's very own Backstreet Boys are introduced.
Operation 3 - It's all about the girls of gundam on this disc!
Operation 4 - The Ozzies get their space, while Wufei proves he's got talent.
Endless Waltz Single - Two-Mix at their very best.
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