Volume 2 Issue 11   World's Strongest Hands Newsletter   April 22, 2002
The World's Strongest Hands contests
Mr. Bill Soberanes, of World Championship Wristwrestling who was involved in the Sylvester Stallone movie, "Over The Top," commented "This sport has great potential."
Wristwrestling teams from the US, Russia, Canada, France, Italy and Mexico said "This sport looks great."
The World's Strongest Hands competitions have been held at the California Chili Cook-Off, the Harley-Davidson festivals, the California Rodeo, various sports bars and the Monterey County Fair, which was televised by KMST Channel 46 (a CBS affiliate), to list just a few. Thousands of people have competed in this non-violent sport, which has many age and weight classes, which makes it perfect for families, employees, customers and physically challenged individuals. Teams can be formed to compete with each other. Organizing team competition is one of the first goals of this newsletter.
Vikings came from Val Halla, to try their strength; nobody dared to question the power of Thor!
11th Annual Bridgeport Jamboree
June 25th, 2000, was the date of the 11th Annual Bridgeport Jamboree. Bridgeport, California is about 50 miles south west of  Reno, Nevada. The town of Bridgeport, with a population of about 1600, was taken over by 4500 Harley Davidson riders during the three day event. People from California, Nevada and Arizona came to enjoy food, fun, friendship, and games. WSH was there to test the hand strength of them Harley riders.
Results will be posted soon.
Seniors can have fun competing.
Chris, with Ken Brown a WSM
(World's Strongest Man) contestant.
Boys, love to test how strong they are.
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