MS-06D Zaku Desert
Standard colors Karakal unit colors
MS-06D Zaku Desert
Unit type: mass production desert combat mobile suit
Manufacturer: Zeonic Company/Zeon Duchy field engineers
Operator(s): Duchy of Zeon
Rollout: UC ?
First deployed: UC 0079
Production run: 114 units (43 double antenna type, 71 single antenna type)

Head height: 17.5 meters
Overall height: 18.2 meters
Base weight: 61.3 metric tons
Full weight: 79.4 metric tons

Power generator output: 976 kilowatts
Jet thrusters: 42,900 kilograms total
Maximum thruster acceleration: 0.54 Gees
Maximum ground running speed: 80 km/h

Sensor radius: ? meters
Frame type: monocoque
Armor materials: ?

Basic armament:
vulcan gun x 2

Mounted or attached armament:
3-tube rocket pod x 1
P3 2-tube missile pod x 1
SA-712 cracker pod x 2

Hand-carried armament:
M120AS 120mm assault rifle
MS part model numbers:

Head unit: ZA-H06/F.U372
Body unit: ZA-B06/F56
Arm unit: ZA-A06/F.U6.4
Leg unit: ZA-L06/F.U8.2
Generator: MYFG-M3ES
Radiator block: Puma Type B4
M120AS 120mm assault rifle SA-712 cracker pod
drum fed, 100 round drum, short barrel type 2-slot grenade pod, mounted on hip
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